Does your corgi roll around on his back like a chinchilla?

I know hedgehogs, Chinchilla and other small animals do that in the sand to clean themselves, kinda like taking a bath. But why do our dogs do that? What's your take on that?

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When Miranda is at the dog park she will dig in the sand and then roll in the hole because it is cool and damp. She also does that at the beach where the sand is damp ... well there tends to be something extra like seaweed, a dead crab, you know, something special to give her coat something extra. And she wonders why she gets a bath after we go to the beach!
Both mine love to roll. The carpet is ok in a pinch, but mostly they find a particular spot in the grass and roll away. If Madison sees Jack rolling, she comes over and rolls in the same spot. They like to push their faces into the spot first, before flipping onto their back.

My husband and I have a theory that it's usually a dead worm, since it seems more common after it's rained. I once stopped Jack from rolling on a dead snake, so that fits our theory. We have seen Jack try to roll on dead worms on the sidewalk too, though we stop him from that. He also tries to eat them. And if something can't be eaten or rolled in, it's always good for peeing on....
Domino rolls around on her back all the time! Sometimes she'll be playing and just flop over, toy in mouth, and wiggle! It's so silly. I don't know if she does it just to be silly, to be playful, or if she's scratching a back itch she can't reach otherwise. I just know it's cute.


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