Hello everyone!
Our Frodo is about 6-month old (yeah!...) and he is doing great. Since he is about to finish his current large bag of dry food (Iams brand), we are thinking of what brand to buy next. We want to buy a more nutritious (hence probably more expensive) brand that is good for his growth and health. Could you guys share some experience with me or give me some suggestion on what brand to buy? Thank you very much!

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I don't know where you live. We feed Spencer Evo small bites (dry) and Evanger's(spelling?) wet food in combination. Both are very good brands. Our vet tells us that the best foods are ones that you probably have never heard of. Stay with domestic brands....nothing from overseas.
I too was feeding the boys Iams Puppy food and decided to change it since I was running low and also because I think they were getting tired of the same food day in/out. After much research I decided on Wellness Just For Puppy and Canidae All Life Stages. Let me just say both Steve and Turtle LOVE the Wellness kibble. Well, they're probably just loving it now cuz it's so new (it's only been couple days).
I feel good feeding my pups quality food and both Wellness and Canidae was only $2.00 more than what I paid for a bag of Iams.
We had Vash on Canidae ALS, but after some 'poo issues' when they changed their formula, we switched gradually over to Wellness Just for Puppy. He seems to be doing much better on it (occasionally does get soft poo, but I think that is more because he tends to eat alot of 'weird' stuff on his walks- like cigarette butts). We also feed him organic/all natural snacks & treats too: jerky from Wellness and Newman's Organic treats, and also baby carrots, frozen yogurt, etc. Good luck and have fun choosing the new food- I found the research very interesting!
We're feeding Gibson Canidae ALS , and are thinking of switching him over the Wellness Just for Puppy too..mainly because he doesn't seem to like Canidae very much..he usually sits and looks at me until I put a few bits of puppy chow on top (what he was fed before)! We feed him Wellness Just for Puppy treats and loves them..they're great for training.
I love the dog food brand Wellness. My little one had very watery eyes and tear stains. I switched to Wellness dog food and in about a week or two the tear stains were gone.

Pic of when I first got him.

Ein now
i use orijen, although my vet doesn't reccommend it, oddly he reccomends the kind they sell there (i can't remeber the name, although looking at the ingrediants and looking online it only seems a little better than grocery store brands) i would do lots of research and see what you think is best, i believe the dogfoodanalysis.com is a good site to start.
I love Innova. I feed Theo the evo, but I used the puppy food too when we first got him. His coat is awesome, and we know the company uses human grade food, which is a must for us. No moldy road kill in my dog's food!

Theo really likes the way the wellness brand tastes, but I'm hesitant about the fact that their food is produced in the same factory as less savory brands...
I feed our dogs "Taste of the Wild", which is a Grain-free diet. It is a small kibble food, it comes in a couple or different flavors. Their coats are shiny and they love the flavor. Our lab is 11 years old, and seems to have a new found energy since being on this food. There is less stool volume too, which is nice..
We used to feed Soffie & Griffyn Iams lamb and rice. They did fine on that but.... Soffie started to get a little on the heavy side. By happy accident we discovered a Health food pet store here in Naples and after talking with the owners we switched to Pro Pac low fat formula. They both love it and Soffie is losing weight while Griffyn is maintaining his. They both like to have a little "bonus" after each meal so..... I cut back on the first serving and I give them each a little EVO as their "bonus".

Soffie is a very slow and deliberate eater.... she savors every bite! Griffyn inhales his and then he watches Soffie finish hers. Sometimes she even teases him a little by dropping a kibble outside her bowl, then picks it up and deliberately chews it ever so slowly!!! Griffyn..... can you say TORTURE?? It's a hoot to watch!
I like the No Grain Food, it seems to make more sense to me that dogs shouldn't have grain in their diet. When i visited my breeder who feeds Eukanuba.. (yuck) her corgi's coats were a LOT duller than Mochi's which is probably attributed to the quality of food i give her. Everyone always comments that Mochi's fur is soo soft even compared to the other corgis in out Corgi Southbay Group
Right now I'm feeding Kirkland because I'm short on cash and it's the only cheap food I can find that doesn't contain corn, by-products, unspecified meats, soy, wheat, or artificial preservatives or colorings. When I'm financially stable again I will try out California Natural, Eagle Pack Holistic, Nature's Variety, or maybe even Taste of the Wild.
I feed my corgi Canidae All Life Stages and it was only $34 for a 40 pound bag. His poop has a very small volume, which tells me that he's absorbing a lot of the nutrients. I love how it's human-grade, high-quality, and reasonably priced. Try it out!


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