Is there a reason (well besides breeding of course) that I've seen so many different fur types in corgis?

I've seen extremely short haired... to extremely long haired, almost gold retriever long haired.. you know.. the real wavy you could comb hair?

Was just wondering why that is. Is it winter fur vs. summer fur? Age? etc?

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Well I live in Scottsdale, Arizona.. (The Valley of the Sun) and both my boys have VERY lucious fur so much so they get groomed every 3 weeks to keep up with their hair and my female is super easy with very little undercoat but with the same length of hair and the boys do... O! and Romeo and Madison are brother and sister and Bull is Madison's son.... So I think it's just luck of the draw with your puppies.
I know in Cardigans (and I'm sure this would apply to Pembrokes as well) you can have the standard hair for the breed, a fluffy coat or a plush coat. The standard for the breed is usually more dense and smooth, fluffies can have medium to long hair with the trademark long hair in and around the ears and the plush coat is not as dense or smooth but is more "plush" and is of normal length (even around the ears). Only the fluff coat is considered a fault. Some show people actually prefer dogs with the plush coat because it allows the person to do more with the fur in terms of styling and sculpting to make it especially attractive though some would say this goes against the breed standard slightly. :)
My corgi seems to have pretty long hair (pembroke) not fluffy long but very very soft about 2" or slightly longer ones (very noticable around the bum) is this what you mean by a plush coat?
Could be. It's hard to determine without seeing it. Of course they all have longer fur on the back of their legs (called pants).
I have found it interesting that when you look at pictures of corgis from the 1930s and 40s the have longer legs and a lot less coat. My farm dog, Sparty, is like that. Izzy has champion parents and has a thick coat and shorter legs. I guess the standards have changed over time.
That is interesting. I have to look up some photos/videos. Though I found a black and white video of a corgi herding on youtube a while ago and it was fun to watch :) I didn't notice if they had longer legs or not though.

Shorter legs they still can move fast - though I think it would be nice/interesting to have an 'original' corgi ;) haha.

Roxi's fur now seems soft in her pants/chest and underbelly. Then she has a streak down her back thats this course waterproof fur. As she gets older its funny to watch her colors change. She has more white around her muzzle and now black fur is coming around the tips of her ears and in her pants. When I started this post I think she was a lot softer with her puppy fur.

I've noticed that she is a lot bigger boned that most of the corgis we've met. She sort of towers over them but isn't fat or too big. She's actually lean/muscled for a corgi. I get comments about her a lot about this. "Woah where did you get that corgi?! She's huge!" or they automatically think she's a boy at first.
We were just at a breeder's visiting some of her dogs, and we had Jack with us. I noticed that her two females (mother/daughter) had shorter, softer, plusher coats. They were all out-of-coat for the summer, but Jack's summer coat is a bit longer, and the outer guard hairs are slicker and coarser. Her two had shorter fluffier coats. Her third dog was only 6 months old and still in his puppy coat, so I really have no idea what kind of coat he will grow up to have.

So yes, I can see that there must be some broad genetic differences in coats, even excluding fluffies and the puppy-mill ones that are not to breed standard.
I've heard there's an "English coat" that's shorter and courser, and an "American coat" that's longer and softer--but not a fluffy.
Actually there really isn't an English coat. Europe, much like the US, have Corgis with different coats.
Most BYB bred and mill dogs have much shorter coats, many with no undercoat. Show dogs must have a
coat to AKC standard. My friend just imported an girl from Europe. Her coat is that same as the other show dogs.
Yes, but show quality dogs don't have the same coats either.

We just acquired a retired show dog (champion) who has a very soft and fluffy coat (she's not a fluffy, though). It's also fairly long. Our dog is from show-quality parents and has a slightly harder outer coat, also with fairly long ruff and pants. I recently met another show dog retired champion who had a shorter, denser coat, that was also fairly soft. Apparently all are perfectly acceptable.
I just love all of this fur talk, it's very informative. Ella is in her "summer" coat right now , after dropping a huge undercoat this spring, and it's smooth and soft at the same time. It just makes me want to rub and pet her all the time, like a soft fleece blanket.

Thank you for posting this. This is really good info to have. My pem has always had a much longer coat than other Corgi's I have met... this explains it!



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