How do you train a corgi to let you know they need to go to the bathroom?

My corgi does not let me know when she needs to go to the bathroom. She does not go stand by the door, doesn't whine to be let out or anything like that. The only clue I get is that she'll start circling around. Thus, I have to watch her all the time.

I take her out regularly:
1) first thing in the morning, where she normally just pees. If she doesn't poop, we go inside and I feed her.
2) About 5 minutes after her breakfast, I take her out again and she'll normally poop.
3) About 30 minutes later, I'll take her for a walk and she'll normally poop (but not today)
4) I crate her for about 4 - 5 hours since I have to go to work.
5) I come back for a 45 minute break to let her out/have some play time before going back to work. She'll normally pee but not poop.
6) After I come back from work, I repeat 1, 2 and 3.

So when will she start telling me when she needs to go? I was hoping she'd catch on that the bathroom is outside and go to the door when she needs to go. Instead, she just circles around and I'm sure if I didn't take her outside, she'd relieve herself on the carpet. She hasn't had any accidents (apart from the fear peeing due to the vacuum cleaner and kickball) but that's only because I watch her like a hawk.

Is there anything I can do, training-wise? How long did it take for your corgi to tell you they needed to go potty (and go to the door)?

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I have noticed that usually about 15 minutes after a meal is the best time to have your corgi go poop.
Mine has just be movin to get things movin...
I used to think Ludo didnt tell me he had to go either... he had regular times to be let out and did pretty well, but... there always seemed to be unexpected messes. I took him out after each time and eventually I noticed that before the messes would occur, he always seemed to be hovering around me more closely than usual. I began taking him out as soon as I noticed his hovering, he caught on and now he comes over and puts his front legs on me and gets all excited when I look at him. As soon as I get up he races to the door... thats how he lets me know he has to go out... Corgis have different ways of telling you I suppose, lol!
Coco and Dino have their own door and they use it. Double fenced in back yard. But when it rains they will stand at the door and wait for me to go with them. I dont know who trained who.
Waffle uses a bell too.  Once I taught him to ring the bell, he reliably peed outside and only outside.  But, he uses a bellhop bell, not a set of dangly jingle bells.  I taught him to ring it first, then made him do it before I opened to door.  After a day of this, it clicked.  Bell = outside.  Then, to get him to ring it ONLY wen he had to pee, we brought him right back in when he didn't pee after 5 minutes.  Sometimes he rings the bell when he really wants something and needs to get our attention, but mostly it's just for saying "Hey I need to pee!!"
We trained Schatzi on the puppy pads first, since we're on the 4th floor of an apartment building and couldn't really get her outside quickly. It took probably a month for her to actually pee outside for the first time, and only because i took a used pad outside several times and had her sniff it to understand that she should pee outside. Once she did it for the first time, I would just try to take her out regularly (upon waking up, after eating, and generally every couple hours) and was sure to shower her with treats as soon as she did her business outside. Then one day I just took the pad away, and when she had to go, she just came and sat and stared at me. When I would stand up or move, she would run to the door. We also hang her leash on a hook on the door, she she associated the leash with going outside, which means she would head to the door when she needed to go.

Of course, she abuses this sometime when she just wants to go chill outside and chase people, so I always keep track in my head of when the last time she went out was, so I can anticipate when she really does need to go out. If she hasn't communicated that she needs to go out, I generally take her out every 3 hours or so (she is almost 6 months). We have accidents a few times a week, but she is still young and learning, and generally very good about it. Just pay attention to what your puppy is doing!!

How old is she?  (most important).


It comes with time. When Zy was a pup, he just went without warning because he didn't know any better either.  After numerous corrections, he realized it was an undesired behavior.


So after few weeks, he started to whine and wimper.

Our dogs almost never need go to the bathroom. Only for a bath, and I simply carry them in.



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