Bento (he's 5 months) will have his first professional grooming session this Wednesday.  What should we request for?  Bento is my first dog, so I have no idea what the "standard" corgi furcut is.  Any suggestions would be great!  I know I want his nails trimmed, but as for his fur, I'm really drawing a blank.  I just want Bento to look clean and neat.


Thank you!

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Corgi coats generally aren't trimmed at all except to tidy the feet if necessary. A good brushing would probably suffice.
My Lucy is also 5 months (yay!) and I have taken her twice to a groomer. I have her bathed and brushed, as well as have her nails trimmed (I really can't do it myself); I have her teeth brushed as well. She comes out looking clean and neat, which is all I want. The irony is, of course, we get home and the first thing she wants to do is roll around in the grass!
Beware!!  After we rescued Tucker, I treated him and went and got him groomed, the groomer specifically asked if I wanted him trimmed and I said NO, apparently that wasn't clear enough for her!!! Yes she trimmed him  :O.  I so wish I would have just did the brushing myself.  The fur did grow back, but I can't believe the groomer didn't listen to my wishes.
Thanks for all the great advice.  I'll make sure that Bento's coat gets a good brush but no trim except for the feet.  What about the hind leg and butt area.  I notice that the fur there have a "feathered" look going for him.  It's so long.  Should it a trim as well?  I remember when he was younger, the fur there was much shorter.  What do you all think?
you can ask for the "poop chute" so that his... leavings can.. leave. Unimpeded.
LoL!!  I do this for one of mine ;) haha I love the way you worded that
I've never taken Potus to a groomer, he hates being handled by people, but I have trimmed his "fluffy butt" whilst bathing him. I was at a dog show the other week and noticed that the Corgis being shown had had their butt/back leg hair trimmed, so I would suggest asking for that, and perhaps showing the groomer how short you want it. The show Corgis had theirs trimmed in line with their back legs it seemed, if that makes sense. If only I could draw a diagram :)
i have taken teddy to the groomers twice and i must say (more of the second time) he looks absolutely fantastic! his fur shined and his fur felt like silk. every time i groom him he looks good but nothing compared to how they do it. i love it when they use the dryer on his fur because its looks so "feathery" he dosnt mind going so every once in awhile i take him just because i LOVE how good of a job they do. i have never had them trim anything as i love his "long butt fur" lol i just think it looks to cute on him

I take Madoc about every six weeks.  He gets bathed and LOTS of brushing and something they call "the sanitary trim."  His pants look very plush and there's less hair that ...uh... "beastliness" can cling to.  They trim his nails and make sure he looks great.  I think it is a great investment.  In fact, I have him on a cycle with my own haircuts, so it works out great.  


I can't ever say I've taken either of the Corgi's to a groomer, but like everyone is suggesting there is no cut for corgis, their coat stays kept so long as it's brushed daily or a solid de-furring weekly/ EOD. I do trim some of the fuzz around my male's bum, cuz he likes to get dingle berries and I don't think that could be comfortable for him so I keep it short and clean.


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