I went out of town for the weekend and left my 2 year old corgi with my dad's gf.  When I came back,  she told me that he had gotten into her baking supplies on Friday and had been going to the bathroom in the house all weekend.  This is not like him at all! He would hold it for hours upon hours rather than go inside before this.  I took him to the vet today as a precaution since this is so out of the ordinary for him and everything checked out and he's as healthy as can be.

Just wondering if anyone has ever had a similar issue and/or has any advice?

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The question is which of her baking supplies did he get into. Many things can cause stomach upset so her carelessness was the cause of his accidents. I had something like that happen once when my son took care of mine and they got into the Halloween candy. I told him that the only way a dog with 2 inch legs could do that is if he was careless!

She had told me that it was butterscotch chips and shaved coconut. Who knows what he really got into though, which is why I took him to the vet yesterday.  I live with her and my dad right now while my husband is deployed so I'm constantly asking her to close her bedroom door because he ALWAYS finds something to eat when he goes in there.  I'm thinking that I'm going to start having to keep him by my side constantly as if he's a pup again until my husband gets back and we move out.

what about a pet gate to keep him out of rooms you don't want to? like her bedroom?

I would also be curious as to which "baking supplies" he got into.  Did he eat baking soda?  Flour?  Baking powder?  Chocolate?  As Bev has already mentioned, there are many things that can cause an upset stomach or irregular potty patterns in a dog.  Out of curiosity, has he had any potty problems with you since you've been back?

I was curious as well, which is why I took him to the vet.  Blood and urine tests came out fine and the vet said that he's perfectly healthy, thankfully!  He has peed inside twice since I've been back.  Once at 7am and once while I was showering.  I'm trying to not let him out of my sight until I can correct this.  I'm hoping that it's just because his schedule was thrown off, as inconvenient as it is to retrain an already perfectly trained dog, I'm just thankful that his health checked out.

Sounds like we was testing waters and winning. Stress of being in a new place for an extended period of time.
I wouldn't be worried about it just correct him if he tries to pull stunt like that on you, and inform your dads gf, what to do if she ever watches him again and he starts acting like that. Perhaps have her call you if he gets into stuff again so you can make sure it's nothing dangerous and if it is, deal with the issue over the phone instead of having to wait until your back?
Hope I'm right and it's nothing serious health wise.
Best of luck!

That's what it sounds like to me as well.  Than you!

Well, he may have gotten into something that caused him to retain some water and now he has to pee suddenly and urgently when he doesn't expect it either.

I'd crate him while I can't watch him for a week or so til he gets back on schedule.

My perfectly housetrained Maddie peed right in front of us once on the living room carpet after a very vigorous play session. She'd just been out three hours or so before. I saw her peeing and said "What are you doing?" and she looked at me like "I have no idea!" (though to be fair Maddie frequently looks at me this way).

It made me worry that she might have done this before and I missed it, but the disgusted look that all three pets gave the spot until the enzyme cleaner worked its magic assured me this was a first.

Anyway, point being that dogs can have their moments and you most likely won't need to housetrain him again, just get him back on track.

I'm hoping! Thank you.



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