Global warming, drought, terrierism, and now this:  is there no end?

500 corgis invade California beach

So far, the toll of dead and missing stands at zero, although this number could go higher (or lower) as search and rescue efforts proceed.

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WOW....wish we had more corgis in MN.

Me too!  I need more hiking partners for Shippo and myself. =)

I follow quite a few CA corgis and IG is flooded with cool!  Including surfing corgis.

A group is sort of trying to organize one on the east coast to rival the So Cal meet up.  Its to be held on Jekyll Island, Oct 10, 2015.  We love Jekyll.  Jeli will be there with FRAP ON! 

Here is the link to the Jekyll Island meet up for anybody that may be interested:

Thanks, Susan! We live in AL and haven't found any close corgi meet-ups. This still isn't close but at least it is CLOSER! 

Unfortunately GA is a bit too far for us.

I know - we're in Northern Cal and it's a bit far away for us too.   Though imagine my surprise when I saw an article that had Chewey's picture as the very first picture!  ;->   So I guess we were there in spirit...,,20915055,00.html

We have this exact picture of him hanging on our wall at home (the pic was taken by Anthony at Purple Collar Pet Photography).

What an awesome picture!!!! 

Yeah, I love that picture...   I saw some others he had taken posted on this site (several years ago) and so decided I wanted to do the same. He got some great beach shots - this one is my favorite though. He looks like such a happy boy.

There is going to be a Northern California Corgi meet up on June 28, at Ocean Beach in San Francisco. I don't think it will reach 500, but I think last year was close to 200.

Eeek! That's terrifying! :-D

What an abundance of cuteness.


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