The gracious words of Lou Gehrig's July 4, 1939 farewell address in Yankee Stadium offer timeless inspiration to anyone facing adversity.  If you've not read it, it's worth looking up.  Only the last 2 sentences, including the above wrods, are on video.

Gwynnie, another fine athlete, has climbed many Cascade peaks, including some rather large ones (Fortress Mt., 8750').  She gets around quite well in her Eddie's Wheels (thanks to Corgi Aid).  Her current situation has apparently not dimmed her spirit at all.  I keep learning things from these dogs.

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I saw your post on Facebook.  How old is Gwynnie now?  She's had a wonderful run and I'm glad she took to the cart.  She reminds me so much of my Maddie.   We miss her so.

Maddie only had 9 months in the cart but for her, DM started young-ish and moved pretty fast.  I've heard of dogs having several good years.   No matter how much time she has, I know you will make sure it is filled with good things.

Awww Gwynnie.  You are still climbing mountains.  The elevation is just measured differently. 

Sweet girl!

Gwynnie  always put a huge smile on my face when I would see pictures of her climbing mountains.  She is still climbing mountains.

Max didn't have much time to adjust to the cart when the DM got to the point he needed it.  He had it for quite some time but it was very slow moving, I'm talking years.  At the same time as the DM started to progress rapidly he was also diagnosed with lymphoma so I don't know if that made the DM worse.


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