I am super intrigues and curious to know if anyone else experiences a non stop pooping corgi once they go on walks! Perhaps it's the excitement causing movement in the bowel? Abalone can seriously poop 6 times on her 30 min walks! It'd be nice to just stroll and enjoy the breeze and view for a change! Help!

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Boo doesn't go as excessive as Abalone, but I have noticed that she always goes during walks and a lot of times more than once. My friend can run her lab 6+ miles and she never goes at all, but Boo will go even if it is just a short walk. And a lot of time if we have been running her hard or playing a lot the stool is usually a lot more loose than normal.

baden does this too :/ i have run out of poop  bags out on walks because of this and that is a crappy feeling (no pun intended lol) i found keeping him on a high quality food helps from pooping 8times vs 6

Oh my god! Does Boo and Baden walk everyday? Do they get excited on their walks? I swear we have seen very calm corgis but Abalone is always tugging at her leash trying to walk faster than us!

baden gets a walk every day and goes to the dog park 3 times a week but still gets excited when we first head out on our walks. he used to a horrible puller until i got the easy walk harness and after a few weeks of training he now wears a martingale collar and walks perfectly but still poops multiple times out on walks lol

Boo does not tug on her leash and a lot of time we take her down to a local river where we can let her off the leash and throw the ball to get some good exercise in. She is generally a pretty calm corgi when walking, she just likes to explore all the smells around but will avoid other dogs and people she really has always been like this and not concerned with the things around her. I guess we got lucky in that sense.

We also use a high quality, grain free food (Freedom by Blue Buffalo) along with 1/2 cup of green beens at dinner to give her fiber and keep her stool hard because we have had to have her anal glands expressed a few times and they say that I high fiber diet helps her do that on her own naturally.

I recommend trying this stuff: http://www.chewy.com/dog/wysong-c-biotic-canine-food/dp/44621We used to do a lot of butt wiping after walks and this has really helped quite a bit.

My friends often comment on how much Franklin poops. Must be a corgi thing. He will go easily 5-6 times a day and more when we are running/playing hard. I have to carry a roll of poop bags everywhere I go because I never know how much he'll go. I have used the C-biotic recommended by Jane. He was on in through several containers and I didn't really difference at the time but he's not on it anymore and he is quite gassy and does poop A LOT so maybe it did help. *note to self, buy more c-biotic!*

Oh yeah...both mine have to go several times when we walk.  And of course Max has to water every tree, bush, fence and every street light even when there is nothing to left to come out.

Oh thanks so much guys! I feed her boiled cabbage with her royal canin food every night and she has definitely experienced less farting :) but I will look into the c biotic for sure and check it out! Nice to know Abalobe's not the only heavyweight in pooping on walks :) xoxo


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