for the first time baden has found something hes afraid of and i have no idea why, the TV!! i dont understand it but hes afraid of the tv now, for no reason. 2weeks ago we were cuddling on the couch and it was almost like it was the first time he noticed that the tv even existed as he cocked his head back and fourth and then he jumped down and would not stop growling at it.

ever since then when the tv is on he will watch it but then he will growl and will not come into the living room when the tv is on. if he wants to be with me and i refuse to turn it off he acts all depressed and then when he walks by he will growl . so weird. dosnt matter if theres dogs or people on it

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Becca is scared of my cell phone. It was on vibrate one night and went off with several texts. She became more agitated with each one and then left the room. For a few weeks she wouldn't stay in the living room if it was on the end table. She can deal with being in the same room with it now. I fed her some of her favorite treats while I was holding it. She will still leave the room if it vibrates though.

treats cure everything.

Agreed!  Shippo was deathly afraid of the cat adoption window at all the Petsmarts, and treats easily cured it. =D

I was going to suggest treats also....maybe start in the other room and slowly lure him closer...

When Kirby was a wee pup, he freaked out at a tree stump. A tree stump! He barked and growled and carried on like a fool. Kota freaks out at the washing machine, and once she has alerted to that, she is then on high alert and freaks out about all subsequent sounds.

Tried taking pictures of Becca today...She is scared of my camera too. She will come get a treat while I hold it in my hand, but does not want it in front of my face. Sometimes they pick the silliest things to be leery of.

I know a lot of dogs are scared of vacuums, but I have to keep mine hidden, and crate her when I do my floors, because she will attack it any time she sees it, even when it is turned off. Full blown panic attack, tries to kill the thing. It can't even be sitting in the corner of the room. We even got a new vacuum, to see if that would help-it got worse instead!

Fortunately, Snickers doesn't get really scared. But it is funny when her apprehension and curiosity collide. One day I was digging with a shovel in the garden. She saw the dirt move and was afraid and really wanted to know what it was at the same time. LOL

Does Baden know the touch game? I can put my hand out or a target out and Baxter and Ziggy will touch it with their nose for a treat. Whenever they are freaked out by something (uprooted tree, garden gnome, etc.) I just tell them to touch it and encourage them every time they get closer. When they actually touch the object, they get lots of praise and a treat.

i have never tried this to be honest lol what i usually do is i will walk by it 2-3 times and then i will go up to the object, touch it, and sit by it. im sure my neighbors think its weird but it does show him that it will not eat him lol

sorry for not responding to all your reply's. what i found with baden is that food really isnt a motivator for him which is weird since hes a corgi. so he likes play instead, i mean LOVES squeaky toys! so i would sit on the floor and squeak his favorite toy and dragged it across the floor etc. after about 3days of this he no longer notices the tv (unless theres a dog) he actually sits and watches is now without reacting and when he does i will get on the floor and wrestle wit him.

gotta love positive training :)

Good job! :-)  Nothing beats the sweet smell of success.


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