After first two sets of shots, is it safe to carry my puppy around in a pet store?

I am so paranoid about parvo and other diseases young pups can catch... I work at Petsmart and I really would love to bring my pup in when I go and pick him up on may 6th, I know parvo lives on the ground so I would carry him in it I brought him in. He will have two sets of shots when I get him. Is it safe to carry him in my arms inside of a store like this, or should I wait until he gets the fourth set? I heard that its okay and then I've heard it's not okay. Please help!!

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Thank you! That's really helpful. I think I will take him to friends houses just to get him socialized on a safe environment. And yeah I don't want to baby him too much.. :( The trainers at my work said I should socialize him as soon as I take him home and to not let my paranoia convert to anxiety that my dog will feel.

Going on this a little, how many sets of shots do you need? 3? I'm getting a corgi soon and she'll have her first set of shots, about how long does it take till they are completely vaccinated?

We did 4 rounds of shots at 7, 9, 12 and 15 weeks, and this Friday my puppy will get the rabies vaccine (it's been two weeks since the 15-week shots).

I've definitely tried to err on the side of caution as far as socialization vs risking disease, and Oscar has only rarely explored the world beyond our house and yard. We have guests frequently and babysit weekly so he's had lots of exposure to both adults and kids, but not so much contact with other dogs. I'm looking forward to taking him to puppy classes but we'll wait until at least two weeks after the rabies shot. 

Yeah I heard that you shouldn't expose them to much to other dogs until they get completely vaccinated, i'm just worried that she's not going to get enough socialization. 

I think there are 4 shots in total of DHLPP/DHPP (the lepto is optional depending on your vet and area). 3rd shot is usually when vets say it's okay to let them go out. The vaccination schedule depends on your vet; my breeder gave them 3 weeks apart while my vet gives them 4 weeks apart so Nellie's brother is actually ahead of her on the vaccinations.

ETA: A typical schedule would be 8 weeks, 11 weeks, 14 weeks, and finally 17 weeks. They should be getting their 3rd around 14-16 weeks.

I went by Dr. Jean Dodd's protocol and vaccinated Shippo and Gidget three times, I believe she does two now but I'm not sure.  Dodds says the last shot needs to be given at 14 weeks or later to provide full immunity.  She recommends shots given 3-4 weeks apart so my dogs got their shots at 8, 12 and 16 weeks.  My new puppy was a little different because he was given a high titer parvo vaccine at 4 weeks then a regular puppy shot at 7 weeks.  I did ask Dodds about what I should do and she said to give him one more as long as he gets the shot when he was at least 14 weeks but I was too paranoid so he got two more.

I'm new too, however I got a "Housetraining for dummies" book, and it's pretty good. Most things people say about house training on this site and others, the book mentions in great detail. It says that you should try to avoid the areas where the other dogs go to the bathroom. (I don't have any personal experience, so anything I say on here is going to be from that book right now or things i've heard from other people)

No! Absolutely don't. High-dog traffic area = crawling with diseases. If you want your pup to get used to going on grass, get a patch of fake grass/turf (some pet stores sell them) and put them on top of a puppy pad on top of a litter pan. The pan/pad makes clean up easier, and the pad gives them an extra motivation to go on the grass. You can put this outside on the patio so that they get the outside + paws on grass experience.

I plan to wait to walk my corgi till after she gets her shots. However, I have a backyard, so I don't know what you would do to keep your corgi fit or not hyper.

No problem :) The fake grass really helps with the transition outside, I have a puppy who will not go on concrete unless if she's absolutely desperate. I wish that was the same for hardwood, but eh...

So what my vet told me, and this might not be true for your area, is that 2nd shot makes them "mostly safe". They can go on concrete and regularly cleaned/sweeped non-porous surfaces. While parvo CAN survive for a very long time even on these surfaces, it's not nearly as dangerous as grass where other dogs go poop. So far the most public ground my puppy has seen are parking lots and a few yards around my friend's house (she lives in a nicer neighborhood than I do). No grass time.

Find puppy socials though, they're really helpful for socializing your puppy to people and to other dogs. Some Petcos have them every week for free, others have them occasionally. Doggy daycare businesses usually also have puppy social times.

That is exactly what the trainers at my work said, and the puppy training classes start at 10 weeks, and they accept dogs with the two first sets of shots, and our store has never had an issue with any of the puppies getting sick there.  SO I think it's okay for me to bring him in with his second set of shots, but Im still going to carry him until he is fully vaccinated! Thanks for all your help! 

I dont know about the grass pads though, I would think it may confuse the pup, thinking its okay to go on this grass pad inside but to not go on the floor next to it.  The trainers said it might confuse him and maybe later on when I remove that grass pad from inside, he may find a green rug and think its the same thing and start going potty on it.  :( I really want to use them though!


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