Hi everyone, it's been a while since I've been around. Buddha and I have been traveling and complaining a little about the snow ( it's kept us in a lot of the winter and that bodes not well for both of our waistlines).

Anyhow! I'm looking to see what kind of changes your dogs have gone through as they are aging. Personality, health in those categories. What do you, or do you t do with your corgi now that they are aging? What have you changed in their diet, if anything? How about tooth health?
This is more of an informative and interactive discussion. I know I'm curious, I bet some others are too!

For some background on Buddha, he is now 10 yrs old and a purebred PWC neutered male. He weighs about 30 pounds at last weigh in and his last vet visit was perfect! The he flew from Minneapolis, Mn to Nome, AK ;) He seems healthier nowadays than he has in the past. He is fed PureVita Grain Free Turkey and Pea, approx 3/4 to 1 cup a day depending on how much we played and walked that day.
He is a bit more grouchy and does his own thing unless it benefits him (he used to be more pleasing to me and what I wanted) in his aging. He has figured out how to make these odd wookie noises at my boyfriend to get him to open the treat cupboard. Haha!
Also, he still loves to hike and exercise. He is still learning new tricks even! His partial tears on both ACLs haven't acted up, he gets baby aspirin once in a while to nip some inflammation after exercising.

Ready, set, discuss!!

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I understand what you are going through...Wynn was neutered last summer, then ripped open his stitches...he sometimes is a crabby guy but not too often, I have had to give him an 81gr aspirin. He has gained weight after having to wear a cone for almost a month after ripping out his stitches and having them redone. He also had a tooth removed during his surgery and they were cleaned. I can see his waistline has gotten bigger and picking him up is not as easy...

This has NOT been a good winter in MN(worst in 35 years) and they're predicting another 6-12" for Thur.:( The worst was the horrible cold and wind chills that we could not leave dogs out for more than a few minutes:(

Over all his health has been good but I do see some signs of aging...his mouth is as boisterous as it always is:)

Hopefully spring will be here soon and he can run all he wants and loose some of his winter weight.

Buddha looks good:) 

This winter has been terrible! Both me and the dog waistlines are suffering lol
It's funny how I've noticed the changes in Buddha; he rarely leaves my side anymore. He probably should have his teeth done but the vet said last year it's not a necessary procedure right now. Not worth going under.
Thank you Jane! I haven't creeped on your page for a couple months ;) hopefully everything is going well ( other than our lack of a spring)

Gosh, the weather you folks have been going through defies belief! I hope after this next storm, spring will be y-cumin in!

Hereabouts (where the climate is probably akin to that of the sun-facing side of Venus), Cassie seems to LIKE it as cold as possible. But I don't know what she'd do in actual snow. She hates to get wet.

At seven years old, she seems matronly but not elderly.

At this age, the Late Great Anna the Ger-Shep was pushing old age. It seemed, from the Human's point of view, that what one did was a) medicate, medicate, medicate; b) try to keep pooch as active as possible without going too far; and c) bear in mind that nothing lasts forever. Alas.

Good discussion.  Max will be 12 in June, the biggest thing that has affected him is a calcification in his neck, it caused him severe pain about 3 years ago.  Surgery was not an option so I chose acupuncture to control the pain.  It made all the difference but he is very limited on stairs and does not like to take long walks like he use.  He no longer wants to be on my lap watching TV and doesn't want up on the bed anymore.  He can't jump down and he does not like me to pick him up...which isn't easy, he goes between 35-37 lb..he is one of those big boned corgis.  Like you we had a bad winter so he didn't get as much exercise so I think his weight is up a bit.  He still loves his playtime with us but it doesn't last as long as it use to.  He's slowing down but is still healthy.  Max has also developed a couple of those fatty cysts that are common in older dogs but nothing to worry about.

Katie turned 10 a month ago and I've been noticing her slowing down a tad.  She doesn't follow me like my shadow quite as much as she use to.  Has no major health problems at all.  And they both still have the love to bark corgi syndrome.

They both had dental cleanings not quite a year ago and have all their teeth.  Vet says they are both healthy.  They are cousins and they come from a line of long lived corgis.  They are fed Blue Buffalo weight control dry mixed with either non-fat cottage cheese or chicken & veggies with carrots as their main treat.

Linda, what cause the calcification? My boy is still my shadow, more so now than before. Lol and more barky now than before too, he never was a bad barker. Now if you fart he barks.
How is the grey ing in the muzzle and other body fur? I've noticed that what was once red is now turning to blonde leg feathers, ears are starting too a bit. Muzzle has whites but it's not horrible.
Stealing the furniture is a big thing now too. And it's the recliner that looks out to the back yard so he up can bark and stare at the squirrels.

Katy....have no idea what caused the problem with his neck.  I've wondered if the fact that he was 20 lbs overweight when we got him put stress on his neck that caused it.  I see no changes in the color of his muzzle at all and his red is just as red as it always was.  Now my Katie has always looked old, she has a full white muzzle and it just makes her look like an old lady. (don't tell her I said that tho)


Jane....I hear you on trying to keep them quiet when they need a cone only mine was with a cat.  Oliver had his plumbing re-routed, he now pees like a girl.  I had to keep him quiet with the cone on for 5 weeks...he was only 2 and a very active cat...still is.  Had to keep him in our guest room the whole time so he wouldn't run around and rip the stitches out plus the cone scared the hell out of our other 2 cats, the dogs didn't like this strange looking creature either.

Hm. A friend had that happen to her beloved cockapoo, lo these many years ago. The vet proposed extravagantly pricey surgery. She reminded him that she was a lowly graduate student. He then -- get this! -- advised her that if she would just wait quietly, over time the disk affected would degenerate to the point where it would essentially recede from the scene, and the dog's pain would go away.

Having no other choice (financially), she decided to let nature take its course, expecting to be forced to put the dog down in the next few months. But lo! the vet was right.

Later she and her husband bought a charter yacht in the Caribbean. The dog used to stand on the dinghy and JUMP from the dinghy to the deck. Neck pain gone. Incapacitation gone.

It's pretty scary to wait and see whether this will happen, though....

Oh my Linda....I can just see this:)

Wynn spent a lot of time in the bedroom but did manage to almost rip the whole cone open after dragging it outside sooooo often. He could lift it fine but it was work!

Corgis and cones don't mix.  When Arnie, our first corgi, had a growth removed from his back leg he had to have a cone.  I had to trim it down because he would hit a transition from one type of flooring to another and he would practically flip over.  Had to remove it so he could eat or drink but had to stay within a foot of him because as soon as he was finished eating he would go right for the stitches, ripped them out once.

I still have marks on my woodwork from that cone and thought for sure I would have scars on the back of my legs from getting run into so many times.

Oh yes Linda...I almost forgot about all the times Wynn ran into me:(

Hmm I suppose that would possibly cause that. Something or me to research into.
LoL right? I feel like they know when we call them names or say something like that about them ;) my guy just has more of a salt and pepper going on haha

I'm also curious, Buddha has taken to vomiting when we travel to my mothers house. Now, Maddie, the brat female corgi, lives there. She attacks him on a whim, even when he is just going to get water.
This is a newer development for Buddha, he rarely throws up. But now he does if I leave him at the house with my moms dog and I head out for a couple hours. Throws up bile.
Last night, 2am he threw up also. Ugh. It was 99%digested food. Seems fine and his normal self otherwise. Thoughts?

?? He was throwing up bile? Did you ever get to the bottom of that issue?

Hereabouts, the resident dogs barf when they haven't had anything to eat. If one dog is dominant (females tend to be dominant in the canine world), it may grab the other dog's food. If the two are being fed when you leave Buddha at your mom's, is it possible that the female is stealing his food without Mom noticing?


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