It was an innocent mistake made in the heat of battle.  

My fault.  You don't tug on Superman's cape.  You don't spit into the wind.  You don't pull the mask off the Lone Ranger.  And you don't try to vacuum with Al in the house.

Protect your corgi's teeth.  Use only plastic or rubber vacuum nozzles.

We passed a bittersweet milestone today.  After all these years, today was the first time I was able to vacuum the house without putting Gwynnie outside, or in her crate.   Oh, she attacked the vacuum monster with all the ferocity at her disposal, as usual -- but she's 10.5 years old now, and all the ferocity at her disposal is no longer enough to bring the job to a halt.  

I'm getting older, too.

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So what does Al biting you have to do with Gwennie being afraid of the vacumn?

Leftover fake blood from Halloween or permanent marker?
Needs to be a bit more drippy!

Gwynnie's not afraid of the vacuum.  Like Al, she believes that the purpose of her life is to kill the vacuum, but she's slowing down a bit.  She's too old to bring the job to a screeching halt.  

Later, I let Al attack the vacuum as a reward for letting me trim his claws.  It's a contact sport.

I hope Al doesn't develop a taste for you would never be able to sleep again! The corgi vote is : No more vacuuming.

Teach him to claw at the vacuum and glue some coarse sandpaper to it, then you won't have to trim his nails.  You could also put a little blood on the sandpaper to get him going....  Worth the effort and it could catch on if you're successful..

Abbey HATES the vaccum, the mop and the broom. The fight is on when I attempt these chores! lol

I've found that dog bites generally don't draw blood. The only time I've had that much bleeding is with a rat bite. Are you sure you're not blaming Al for something he didn't do? Something you don't want us to know about? Hey, I OWN my rat bites.

Hey, a live vacuum turns a corgi into an animal.

Oddly, the corgis appear as soon as they hear the vacuum being assembled and pugged-in, but they never attack the nozzle unless the machine is on.

When Gwynnie was young, before the yard was fenced, she vanished one night.  Dark.  She would neither come nor answer.  I had no idea where she was.  Amid growing panic, an inspiration!  I opened the basement door and turned on the shop-vac inside.  Gwynnie had her teeth around the nozzle in 6.73 seconds.

I had no idea that the battle with the vacuum was from the corgi genes. But now it makes so much sense :)

My first corgi Sophie used to ATTACK the vacuum too. Milo could care less - you'd think I'd have a cleaner house with nary a corgi furrbie ball around - NOT...I'm with Jane...I think John is just practicing his Alfred Hitchcock cinematography...nice acting from Al BTW.

Awww, he looks so sorry! In the middle of playing with Bacon, I ended up accidentally punching his teeth. It hurt! He couldn't figure out why I stopped playing and started screaming though.

To clear up: I started screaming. He was fine.

Look how cute and innocent Al looks in that picture.  I wonder if he knows all the crazy stories you make up about him!


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