Our four year old female started shaking all over about 6 tonight.  When she hadn't stopped by 6:30 we called the first vet and they said she should be fine, if she get worse call back.   Called second vet at 6:45 for a second opinion and by then she had started drooling.  Went through all the same questions: did she get into anything today?  when did she eat last?  He said same thing as first vet, can't do anything with her tonight, keep an eye on her and if she gets worse call back.   So we wrapped her up in a blanket and have been keeping a close eye on her.  During this time she hadn't been eating or drinking. About 8 as I was talking to another friend who used to be a vet tech and owns a lot of dogs, and is the breeders mom, KC seemed to have not stopped shaking but slowed down considerably.   About 30 mins ago I talked took her out to go potty and she had normal stool, she does walk and tries to trot around sometimes she veers in one direction but she is up on all fours and although shaky can move around.  She is drinking water again.  She has been alert through all of this, listens when we talk to her, perks her ears up, if we get up and move she follows us just like always.  Obviously if she is still having issues in the morning we will take her in to the vet, but I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas on what might be wrong with her.   My friend suggested that maybe it is a thyroid issue, but only some of her symptoms followed along with the dog they had with that issue.

My parents had a dog that had seizures, and this does not look like a seizure, she has been in control of her bowels, and urine, hasn't vomitted, no foaming at the month. 

UPDATE: 11-30-12  she did end up vomitting last night about 11:30, and stayed pretty shaky, I finally fell asleep about 1:30 and she came in at 4:30 to get back on the bed and had stopped shaking by then and seems back to normal this morning.  Has that look that most of us get after we have been sick and you just still don't feel 100% but much better.  Thanks for all your thoughts and advice. 


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The shaking has come back, not as severe as earlier but getting worse.


Sorry...wish I had an idea but I don't. Hope she stops soon!


I found this when I googled KC's symptoms. I hope its nothing too serious, feel better KC!!!

Keep us updated.
I would go tot he vet right away. T doesn't sound good and the last thing you want to do is wait and the problem become worse :(
Just like some people, some dogs tremble when they are vomity, and the drooling goes along with that. If the trembling stopped after she vomited, I would just watch her carefully and chalk it up to an upset tummy.

One of mine runs in frantic circles if he's going to vomit, the other doesn't seem bothered at all and just hacks where she stands. Again, they are all different.

Hope she feels better soon!

Hope your baby gets better soon.   Please keep us posted.

My first thought and last thought for this is a tick problem...ya I know I am overly "tick'lish" but they cause soooo many problems it is crazy (not only with our loved pups but with ppl too!)  Do take KC to the vet just to have a panel done, they come back quick.  I have a friend with a Brit with a latent Lymes thing, so do not hesitate...it may not show positive, but worth the effort to use the doxy for 4 weeks.  Be sure to feed KC someyofurt and pro-bi's too if you do the anti-b's.  Vets aren't always right, use your instincts and do what you think is best!  Praying for you all!!  xo  Kate, Jack & Angel Emma and their mom Nancy  PS also throw in some echinachea and Vit C and red clover if you can get some...builds the blood....I have an eng setter with hemo cancer! Can't hurt might help :)

glad to hear KC is feeling better and it was nothing major!!

Sounds like, and I hope it is that she has just gotten sick. If she seemed better after throwing up she probably has the flu! Take note of if she is drinking or eating more or less as well as peeing excess amounts etc. I'd still take her to the vet but every detail you can give them helps.

How is she today? :(

So sorry for not responding back  and thank you to all of you that offered advice!  She was fine by the next day, thank God!  Since she was better and we were in the middle of making plans for our move, I haven't had the opportunity to get back on here in a long time.  Hopefully now that things are settling down I can. 


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