I am looking into changing Ruby off of the dog food the breeder was giving her.  We got a sample of Taste of the Wild from our vet back in October, and used it as treats for Ruby.  We have decided we are going with this brand, but in researching the TOTW website, it sounds like just recently (mid November) they came out with puppy formulas in 2 flavors, despite their other food being "all life stages."  It sounds like the difference is slightly more fiber and more DHA/omega fatty acid.  I am just not sure if I should I should look for the puppy formula (wondering if it will be hard to find around here since it is so new) or go ahead with the old formula since it previously was OK for puppies as well.  Has anyone tried the new formulas?

Here's info about the new puppy food:


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Oh wow, I didn't even know they had branched out into a puppy formula.  By the looks of it, they're going to be removing the "All Life Stages" label from most of the adult food, but not all.  I, personally, feed the Sierra Mountain formula (lamb based) because Yuki does better on it.  Based on what they have on their site, the Sierra Mountain formula will be retaining its "All Life Stages" designation.  You could move your pups to that variety, I suppose, if you don't want to mess with the puppy vs. adult foods.

They don't say whether or not there will be changes to their adult food.  If there's no change made, I don't see why it wouldn't be ok to feed it to a puppy just like before.  Countless puppies have done fine on it up until now, so I don't see why that would change as long as their formula stays the same.  ;)

I was really surprised when I found out about their move to puppy food. I thought it was so interesting to have an "All Life Stages" formula. A part of me really thinks it's just a ploy for the company to reach out to people who feel puppies need to have their own "special" kind of food.

Why do you want to change the food in the first place?  Is Ruby doing good on the food that the breeder gave you?

I guess I didn't mention that :)  She is currently on Iams smart puppy.  She has never really been that into it.  I feed her measured amounts at specific times, and it usually takes her a couple hours to eat her meals.  Even when I hand feed her a few bites first, she usually will just drop them back out of her mouth.  She does eventually eat when she gets hungry enough or if we put her in her kennel with the food.  I just thought she seems to like the taste of TOTW better, so why not try it for her regular food. 

I did get some samples of the different TOTW flavors this week from the vet (they don't carry the puppy formulas though), and I put a handful with her food each meal.  She eats these pieces right away, then leaves the rest for later.  I just want her to like her food more I guess.

I use taste of the wild for Franklin. If I were you I'd probably just go ahead and feed the lamb or pacific stream all life stages food because they have less protein than the puppy foods. 

Is there a reason you would like to change her dog food?  It's an overall great food.  Although the only complaint is it makes dogs a bit more gassy.. ; )  I would keep feeding what your breeder recommended if you have no problems with it now.

That explains a lot.  Logan is a gassy little guy. I'll bet its the TOTW food.  He is doing very wll on the wetlands formula (if you don't mind your puppy being tooty).  

Franklin has done great on TOTW, it actually made is gas go away. He was previously on Blue Buffalo Wilderness. Maybe you will have better luck with the lower protein formula? All of the TOTW formulas are lower protein than Wilderness so I think that is why it fixed Frank's stinky problems! He was nicknamed Franklin Farter for a LOOOOOOOOOONG time before I switched his food :-P Luckily the gas is gone but his nickname stuck lol.

I didn't know this either. I agree with Melissa, I also would feed the lower protein which is salmon and I believe the lamb. I would probably go with the salmon. I love TOTW!

Just check the DHA levels in the all life stages if that is what you go with.  There is compelling evidence about the importance of DHA in brain development (trainability).  It's most important with young pups, but still important with weaned pups as well, and many adult formulas don't have enough.  


We are feeding TOTW Pacific Puppy Formula. I also didn't realize that they had puppy formula's until I went to buy the food. I had already decided that this time around the pup would be put on a high quality food, since I fed our GP Nurti Source for the first few months after getting her, She's now on a raw diet of goat, or Chicken. Of course Pete won't be put on the raw diet, he'll get pre-made dry doggy food since in about two wks he's going to start going in the Truck with Hubby during the wk.

I agree they say to feed WAAAAAAAAAAY too much! This is pretty common with any food brand and I think that the problem is just made worse by the fact that corgis get fat on air. For Franklin's weight the bag says to feed 2 cups a day, I feed him around 3/4 cup a day and he has done just fine. I generally just make sure to do a monthly weigh in if I am switching food brands or formulas so I can figure out how much to feed and monitor any weight loss or weight gain


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