hey guys i was just wondering if your corgis have developed common ear problems such as excessive wax build-up, ear infections or ear mites.

about a month ago i noticed ein was scratching his ear so i took a look at it outside in the bright sunlight and noticed it was a little red and it appears that he had scratched it with his nail (tiny spot of blood). i messaged his ear and told him to leave it alone and he has. i thought maybe he was all itchy because of allergies (that day my whole family (including ein) was sneezing and had itchy, water eyes).

i was sitting near the window today when i noticed his ear (the same one from before) and it looked red again. i took a look at it and it appears that he has more little scratches (tiny spots of blood).

i'm gonna schedule an appointment with the vet asap so that she can take a look and give us a final answer.

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Usually it is the floppy eared dogs that are more susceptible to ear infections. None of mine have had problems but he could have a flea or something bothering him.
My dogs have gotten ear mites from the cat...my vet said cats are good for getting mites! Darn them. I went online and checked out natural treatments for yeast also as my one rescue gets this in her ears! I now use vinegar and peroxide full strength mixed 1/2 and 1/2 and wipe their ears with a cotton ball about every other day and this has helped with their itching alot! With the tiny blood spots my guess would be mites but I'm no expert. Good luck and I'll be waiting to see what happens.


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