I caught Stella, our 10 week Pembroke puppy, munch on a little brown mushroom in our yard before I was able to take it away. Our vet said the mushroom was thought to be non-poisonous but to keep an eye on her and to take her in instantly with signs of any symptoms. She seems fine so far, but I am a little worried. I noticed that a couple nights ago, she may have eaten another one from the yard- but there were no symptoms then either. She seemed perfectly fine.

Am I over reacting? Has anyone else caught their Corgi eating mushrooms from the yard before?

I did my best in clearing our yard, but living in Seattle, the damp climate creates new ones every day.

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It's totally natural to be worried, right? I worry over all things like this with my dogs. And there are an array of poisonous mushrooms out there. And... corgis eat all kinds of things they shouldn't - trust me. But your vet is right - just keep an eye on her. And keep a local emergency vet's number on hand overnight and over the weekend - just in case - and for peace of mind. For long-term, I recommend teaching the "leave it" command very strictly with huge positive reinforcement. This has helped me pry numerous "tasty" things away from my dogs.
Do not encourage this habit. I'm not an expert, but I do believe that some of the mushrooms around here are Amanitas, poisonous -- the colored red/orange/yellow pretty ones with crusty warty things one them? And a ring around the stalk? The lethal Death Angel Amanita, I think, is white, slender, ring around the mid-stalk. Moreover, some of the shrooms around here are Psilocybin mushrooms. Won't kill anybody, but I heard a horror story long ago of someone who fed a dog LSD and the dog's personality changed (does that to people, too, sometimes for the better). An unexpected psilocybin experience could be extremely unpleasant.
Start teaching "Drop it!" and don't let Stella get in the habit of eating stuff off the ground. Watch for the rib and chicken bones that idiots fling from their cars. Now that they have Asian carp in Green Lake, you sometimes find huge fish vertebrae on the lawn with wicked spines.
Look for us there! Just don't look into Al & Gwynn's eyes, or you're helpless.
"Keep an eye on her" I think is a comforting thought... but not practical. Some mushrooms are so poisonous that a dog(or a person) may be beyond help before they even start showing symptoms.
But if it's a non-poisonous variety, just do your best! No sense walking around scared all the time.
I always went out with mine when they were that young. Puppies are like babies, gotta taste everything! It can be dangerous. Plus it is easier to house train if you are out with them to cheer an outdoor elimination.
We are out with her everytime she is outdoors - but when it is dark out, it is very difficult to see what is on the ground. :) We are working on the "drop it" command right now.
Yeah, I know how that goes. We live by wetlands and the first time Sparty ate a frog I was horrified! They do stop as they get older but they are so close to the ground that it is difficult to stop them.


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