I was sitting in the grove enjoying the weather when Bella was a bit aways in tall grass. I finally got up as she wouldn't come when I called her several times. First I thought it was mice and then realized it was baby bunnies...anyone have any ideas if she'll get sick? I will call the vet to see when I should worm her.  Wynn managed to get one or 2 when he saw what she had...  Oh, Bella!!!!!!!!!

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My heartworm medicine also includes wormer and it includes tapeworm...I will worm her Thur.

Around here our wild bunnies often have Tuleremia. Call your vet and see what's common in your area. The tapeworm that mammals carry in their muscle do show up on fecals (the ones from fleas do not, different genus) as well as the roundworm eggs. The babies often get it from mom, so I'd worm her to be safe and then bring in a fecal after a certain time (ask your vet for exact timing). The heartwom meds will help with most of the worms, btw what heartworm med also treats tapes? I've never heard of that before.

Iverhart Max includes roundworm,hookworm and tapeworm infections. Because my dogs are exposed to the "wild" I treat them with this at least till  fall.

cool!!! Once my heartworm runs out I'll have to look into a tapeworm one. There are SO MANY fleas in my area that even on year round flea preventative they still get them so it'd be nice to have some protection from tapes.

My Lilliput does catch and eat the occasional adult bunny. The most recent was, I'm afraid, the Easter bunny :(   She's never ended up with a tapeworm, but does pick up coccidia, I believe, among other things. She usually needs meds for diarrhea even if her fecal comes up negative. Last time she was sick for a week, and for the first time in her life she lost her appetite.

What amazes me is not that she can catch the bunnies, but that she can eat all that! Once she tried to save half a rabbit under my bed, but she can eat almost the whole thing. And she's only 20 lbs herself!

Oh no, I'd definitely worm her...Gem tasted some nasty little carcass a year or so back when we were out walking and she ended up with worms....of course it wasn't as fresh as baby bunnies:(

If she also got into bunny feces, she may end up with giardia. 

The good news is that there have been no recalls on bunnies!

haha...never thought of it that way:)

It should not hurt her at all.  Frosty eats baby bunnies all the time.  I would recommend worming if you don't already.  Since we live on a 40 acre property, I regularly deworm Frosty every 6 months since you never know what they have been getting into.

Yoda and Chewie gives high five to Bella!  They also suggested insects and earthworms!

June bugs are the best according to my gang...crunchy and big enough to catch easily:) I don't think I've seen them go after worms though...not enough of a challenge???


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