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This is going to be a pretty long discussion, but I really have no idea what else I can do and I need to talk to some Corgi experts. First, let me explain how we got our Pembroke, Tobi. My boyfriend's, friend's, girlfriend said she was no longer able to keep Tobi because of insurance issues and because her landlord was going to raise their rent because of Tobi (which I have never heard of before). Tobi was purchased when he was 8 weeks old from a breeder for $600 and his owners said they took him to PetSmart training, that he rarely ever had accidents in the house, and that he was a great dog. But, none of that seems to be the case. My boyfriend and I purchased him for $400 and we were given Tobi's crate, toys, food, treats, leashes, bowls, and he already had all of his shots and is licensed. They also gave us his folder of all of his past Vet visits. They obviously put a lot of money into this dog which is also why it seems a little weird how they could get rid of him so easily. They also made us sign a contract which pretty much states that once Tobi left their home we could not bring him back if we were not satisfied (the girl's mother made this very clear). I would never part with my animals, I believe that once you get them they become part of your family forever.

I also want to add that Tobi was really a spur of the moment purchase for my boyfriend and I (stupid, I know). My parents had no idea we were bringing Tobi home and weren't too thrilled because we already have a Min Pin and a German Shepherd, but my boyfriend and I have always wanted a Corgi and we thought this was too good of a deal to pass up.

Tobi rarely ever comes when calls, he bites really hard all of the time and we have tried everything from spraying him with water, yelling, and even putting him in his crate. He barks and whines constantly when in his crate sometimes even after being sprayed or by telling him to be quiet. We will take him outside every couple of hours and right after meals and he will stay outside for up to 20 minutes at a time and never use the bathroom. But, once he gets in the house he starts peeing (he is also not Neutered) and pooping everywhere. We take him right back into the yard after he poops in the house and we drop his poop in the grass to show him that outside is where to go. You would think that by 6 months old he would be going to the bathroom outside A LOT more than inside.

My bedroom now reeks of urine and we are getting it professionally cleaned this week, but we don't know what to do to keep it clean after that. It's like Tobi doesn't want to use the bathroom OUTSIDE. I want him to stop biting, we can't even cuddle with him or play nicely without the biting. And it would be nice for him to come when called. We have tried treats as rewards and cannot afford to take him to PetSmart training right now. So any tips would be greatly appreciated. My parents are giving my boyfriend and I 1 month to straighten Tobi out and if Tobi does not improve my parents are making us give him away and it would break my heart to do that to him. He was already given away once and I don't want to keep shuffling him around from family to family.


***Sorry for this long post, I'm just really lost right now and have no idea what to do. My family thinks that Tobi's owners really just wanted him out because of how he is and that they were not satisfied with him (they also got rid of a dog before him). Thanks in advance for reading and for possibly giving some advice or opinions.

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Thanks for the response! I know everyone in my house gets very aggravated with him, but I remind them that he is really just a baby who needs help. I know this was a big change for him to move in with us, we've only had him for about a month compared to the 6 he was with his original owners for. We're just gonna stick to helping Tobi as much as we can, thanks for the advice!

Sounds like things are improving, good job. Keep up the good work, It will pay off in the end. If he is 6mo, i would think about getting him neutered real soon.


We are hopefully getting him neutered within the next couple of months, does neutering change anything in a dog's behavior at all?



We just had ours done on Monday and the changes were nearly immediately visible.  They are calmer, the inter-dog aggression has ceased (although I'm still nervous about giving them a toy), and I haven't noticed any inappropriate marking this week (like on the cat bed or the inside planter--Kelso loved to call everything in the house his own).  We waited with ours until Kelso was a full year, so they had all kinds of time to do bad ball-related behaviors.  I was more than a little worried that some behaviors might have just become habit, but so far so good.   So, I'd say, if you get your little guy done in the next month or so, you should get rid of many of the problems (like with the rest of the pack) that you've described.

You came to he right place! I have found so many knowledgeable people here, I am sure you will find the help you need. I am so glad I found this site and thank Sam for it's creation. Hang in there it sound as if Tobi needs an understanding and loving family. Good Luck you will be in our thoughts. Also shame on those people as I am sure they were not prepared to be a good Corgi family and believe discarding the dog will solve their problem. Perhaps there was a higher power at work and you were meant to be Tobi's forever family!
Your comment really made me stop and think for a minute. Everyone in my house has been getting fed up with Tobi lately, even me. But, I know that I can't give up on him. It would break my heart to see him bounced around from family to family. Thank you for being so encouraging with your words! (:
Stick with it- it does get better- my terror has calmed down infinitely with age ( & training). Know that if you have anymore problems there is always someone on MyCorgi.com to help. Good luck. :)

I hope you all can live through this puppyhood to the wonderful times ahead.  It's hard, of course, to be that safe, routine, comforting sameness that a puppy needs but if you can only remember one thing it's this: a TIRED puppy is a good puppy.  Lots of walk time and play time in addition to the walk. It makes the difference that makes puppies manageable!


Good luck, we are all  your cheerleaders!

I always think about the times in the future when he's settled down and that makes me realize that once we get through the hard puppy times it will all be a good time for all of us! We've been trying to wear him out with walks and play time and we recently just got him a Nylabone chew toy and it is keeping him occupied from chewing everything in sight! We have also been using his harness instead of collar and it is like a magical listening tool for him!
AND a tired pup is a happy owner!  One of our indoor games was while we teaching him to come on command.  We would sit at opposite ends of the house and call out for Poodeck to come.  He would tire himself out by running full speed back and forth between the two of us.  Then a nice loong walk before bedtime also helps.
We're hoping Tobi settles down a lot more as he gets older, 7 months old now so he has a while to go! I'm so glad that I came across this site, you are all so helpful (:

 Neuter, neuter, neuter, neuter!!

 This could help a lot with aggression and potty problems. My dog used to pee all over the house. When I neutered him, he stopped completely. I'm not saying this works on every single dog, but it DOES make a difference. Also, it's important to neuter your dog to prevent unwanted litters of puppies. 


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