Wynn had bladder stones about a year ago and now they're back. He was to the vet 2 weeks ago and was put on antibiotics since no stones could be seen. Talked with another vet this AM and evidently the Struvite bladder stones need to found using a radiograph and if he does have he will need surgery to get rid of this type of stone. Anyone have experience with these stones? Wynn is 11 but healthy so I will need to have this done unless the vet advises differently after his Tuesday appointment.

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Even though his records have been faxed I have several questions for him. The vet I wanted to see is gone but this is the same clinic. I will also bring up the fact that the vet from this place had said she would have put him on a different antibiotic. Will see what tommorrow brings. Hopefully good news...

Thanks Jill! Hope to find out more tomorrow at Wynn's appt. with a new vet!

Wynn likes the new vet clinic. Lots of critters running around like a three legged cat a mellow kitty in the waiting room and a couple dogs(who I presume are the workers dogs). On Clavamox which is better suited for his infection. Wynn also got 2 shots one was for pain and not sure what the other one is for. We now have switched vets as I wanted to make sure I liked this one before switching but figured I would since a coworker was texting one of the vets on Sunday to help me get some answers!!!!! Very easy going and relaxed. The vet knows Corgis too so when Wynn started his grumbling...he just ignored him!

This is good. Does he also believe the bleeding is from stones? What does he propose to do about it?

It sounds like they're pretty nice there...even helping out on Sunday! That's some kind of miracle.

Glad to hear that you both liked the vet!   Prayers that this works for Wynn.  And when you can get hold of your vet on a Sunday or holiday you know they really care.   It's great when the vet understands a breed and I don't mean just the basic things.  Our vet knows Irish wolfhounds well and corgis.  He was so good  with our wolfhounds and both loved him.  The vet has also been a good judge with all 4 of my corgis and the one he told me to watch out for because he had a less then mellow personality, he was right.  So when he told me that Max, Katie and then Brady were all good dogs and a lot of care was put into their breeding and socializing I was very happy  And he was right about all 3 of them.

Well Linda...I came home from shopping and Wynn greeted me at the door with one of my shoes and talking...maybe that shot really did help. That was fast but one of the 2 was for pain!!!!

Jane...I love it!  It's amazing how they bounce back when pain is relieved.  I hope he continues to feel his happy self.  Did they give you any oral pain meds if needed?

No he didn't I had mentioned it early in the conversation. Will call them if he seems in pain. I think that's why he was acting funny on Saturday,,,


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