So, I woke up this morning to 3 piles of diarrhea in my kitchen, one of which had a substantial amount of bright red liquid. I had already made a vet appointment for 10:15 this morning because Linus's ears have been seemingly bothering him and he has a paw that is tender and he won't let me touch. I am having a heart attack. Advice? Thoughts? Talk me down off the ledge til we get to the vet in an hour....

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Could be from an infection. Good luck at the vet!

HEY JEN, SORRY TO HEAR ABOUT LINUS. I know that both my Roscoe and Jack will get the same bloody diarrhea and it is always after the have eating breads. my kids or nephews would give them there bread or crust from breads and pizza and it never failed that every time if was followed by several movements with blood in it and yes bright red. We have never understood why we just don't feed them that stuff anymore and the are fine. so I hope it gets solved on your end.

thank you! won't know lab results until tomorrow. vet says no news is good news. he has antibiotics and antidiarrhea medicine for now. my poor baby. good news is that his ears and paws are fine, might just be allergies.

I hope he is feeling better today!  Let us know.

There's a worm that can also cause this but I can't remember which one.

So, Linus is his normal derpy self. He's been running around the yard and playing and acting like there is nothing wrong. He has not had a bowel movement since the episode, but he has also been on the bland diet and i did not feed him the day he had the diarrhea. The vet did not call yesterday (he said no news is good news), but I'm going to call today just to make sure. (I'm such a nervous pet parent) In the meantime, he's been taking his antibiotics and seems fine.

Jane, he's on Heartgard monthly, would he still be susceptible to a worm infection?

Jen, I was so happy to read your update on Linus.  I am so glad he is feeling better!

Thank you! He seems to be enjoying his bland diet and pills with cheese, haha. Only problem, I called the vet today and they said there was a problem processing his fecal sample, so I had to bring a new one today. My only concern is that after 3 days of antibiotic isn't whatever the problem was not likely to show up now? He seems fine, but I'd really like to have some idea what caused this in the first place.

So, my poor little peanut has hookworm. Which I'm surprised by because he's on Heartgard, which is supposed to prevent hookworm. Anyone know how he'd still be able to get that? I wasn't able to ask the vet today. He has Panacur to take for the next 3 days and then again in 3 weeks.

Oh no.  I'm so sorry.  But at least you know what it is and you can treat him.  I hope he is still feeling good!  Thanks for the update.

I think Heartguard only does heartworm prevention and Heartguard Plus also does some intestinal worms, including hookworms.  Hookworms are picked up through the pads of the feet from eggs on the ground, so you want to be careful of re-infestation, you may want to discuss this with your Vet.

Thank you all!! He does seem to be feeling fine! He has been gassy, which is so odd, but I'm guessing it's either a side effect of the medication or the bland diet? He's on Heartgard Plus and I read the insert and I'm now baffled because it claims to prevent hookworm. I'm going to have to call the vet and ask if I should switch him to something else.


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