Hi everyone!
I have a 18 week old Pembroke tri with a tail.
I love to take him out when I go places, but every single time that I go to PetSmart or stores like that, I always hear, "what kind of dog is he?"

I'm happy to answer it because I know most people have never seen a tri corgi in real life much less one with a tail... but after I answer with "he's an undocked Pembroke", is it really nice to give me a look like I'm crazy?
He is obviously a full bred corgi, just unusually marked and he has a tail.

I went to PetSmart last week and an employee looked at him and said, "Oh! A mixed dog! He's mixed with corgi and what else...?"
I told her "no, he is full bred, just has a tail."
She stared me down and had a look in her eyes like she was having war flashbacks! Pure shock.
She nodded and gave a grimace and walked off.
I was seething!

It's incredibly irritating and I hate feeling like they think I'm stupid because they are uninformed!
He's still so young and growing into his corgi-esque looks, but if you know corgis you can tell he's a corgi.

Has anybody else experienced this?
How do you handle it?
What is the proper response to these fools?
Should I start handing out pamphlets or something?

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I think your Kiba is very handsome and he looks every bit corgi! I think it's probably his tail that throws people for a loop. A lot of people ask me if mine was born without a tail and I have to explain that she was docked at birth, so I think some people think the docked tail is a natural characteristic. Think of yourself as an ambassador for corgi-dom and you can patiently explain the unique traits of the breed as well as the fact that yours in particular is a little different than most corgis they've seen. Believe me, I overhear things at the dogpark that are so illogical, i.e. "Oh, here comes a corgi, they're all so mean and snappy" or "Corgis sure do have that 'terrier personality'". But then, I'm probably just as ill-informed about their dogs, I just try not to go around making comments if I don't know what I'm talking about!
Aww, thank you! He acts completely corgi, too :)
I think so too, and his odd coloring also throws people off.
I have only ever seen 3 other corgis with as little white as my guy.
The only white he has is a blaze on his chest, under his chin, his tummy & butt, and little specks on his paws.
I have no problem explaining to people that he isn't docked but still a corgi, in fact, I am glad to! It's just, most people are rude about it. I'm incredibly nice about it but shouldn't the rude comments be kept to yourself if you're misinformed?
Yes, I agree, I don't talk about what I don't know!
I used to get the mixed corgi question, I just very politely informed them that he is full cardigan welsh corgi and that he is a blue merle..which are not very common. I took the opportunity to talk to people about the pembroke and cardigan corgis :)
Dont let people get you aggravated, they just dont know.

I was out walking Lance last summer and someone actually thought he was still a puppy, which just made me giggle, since he was 3 years old. :)
Waffle is a bit on the thin side for a corgi, so I've had a handful of people ask me if he was a corgi mix! Crazy! Just coz he's lacking on the extra packing...
People always told me I have a skinny corgi :) and I have to correct them that she is a healthy size corgi.
This is too funny, and happens to me as well. I've had several people who are familiar with Corgi's be astonished at how "thin" and "fit" Casey is. The only Corgi's they had ever seen were apparently quite obese.
I got that when I moved back to VA from VT and went to our first bbq with a bunch of old friends. They told me that my corgis were way too skinny and they were supposed to be HUUUGE!

It's sad that a lot of people think corgis are supposed to be barrel dogs :(
i think kiba is so adorable:) dont worry i think we have all experienced this lol every time i took teddy somewhere such as petco i would always get asked "what kind of dog is that?" or the one that makes me laugh but is a little irritating is "he must be old since he has that blue color" and i have to say no, that is a rare color for a pembroke welsh corgi. corgis seem to not be as common so when people do see them (unless they are familiar) they think its a mix or have no clue what kind of dog he/she is. when this does happen i usually just smile and tell them. i did have one woman ask if he was in an accident since his tail is docked and when i told her that its tradition that they do that for this breed she looked like she didnt believe me.

but anyways i think your little guy is a cutie and looks all corgi, dont let the words get to u, as u will hear it all the time lol
My experience is similar to Lance's - I think people are more familiar with Pembroke’s than they are with Cardigans (I have a Cardigan). I think the Queen has popularized corgi's to such an extent that Pembroke’s are the visual expectation when people think "Corgi." I had one woman ask me if "Cardigan" was a specific type of Corgi mix.

The conversation usually goes: "Is that a CORGI!?!" Followed by either: "I've never seen one with a tail...." or "Is it a mix?"

I could care less - everyone thinks she's the most adorable thing on the planet (which she is) so whether they think she's purebred or a mix makes no difference. It certainly doesn't make a difference to her!
Sidney has his tail, and here's how it usually goes. People who don't know corgis will ask me what kind of mix he is. People who know corgis think he's a cardigan.

I usually say "he's an undocked Pembroke Welsh corgi..his breeder didn't have his tail taken off when he was a born. In this country, they are usually removed". I add the extra explanation in case they don't know what docking is. Most will say "oh I didn't know they were born with tails" and I'll laugh and say I didn't either, until I met Sidney!
Take it as a compliment. You've got something special there :)
Be a good corgi ambassador, be polite and educate others when asked, so that others will associate corgi with great owners.
Yes, start a corgi anonymous group in your area!
I experience a fair amount of the time and it is a great opportunity to "teach" people! Read up on the banning of corgi tails in many countries and this will give you some input. Be proud of you pup! It will happen more and more! I do not dock my pups and have had a hard time finding a pup that is undocked! Don't forget to join the group undocked Pems! Change is hard for people and you can help! I was actually surprised at our AKC classes when everyone seemed happy when I talked about making the informed decision not to dock...but then I am sure there were people that mumbled under their breath!


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