I have a quick question what is a cardigan corgi? I have never heard of one. I was told last night they are corgis with tails. OK. I have always thought corgis with tails are Carrington's. If Iam wrong I will say so.

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It is Cardigan. Check their group.
Sam kindly sent me a video. So the do exist! I love all corgis they are to me the most beautiful dogs on earth. I have always had Pembroke's. Thanks.
People often pronounce both Corgi breeds wrong. I hear Carington and Pembrook a lot, but they are indeed Cardigan and Pembroke. My Finnigan is a blue merle Cardigan Welsh Corgi and people always think he's a mix between Basset Hound and Australian Shepherd or some kind of Pembroke mix. Many people have never heard of Cardigans and I've found that the people I run into here who do know what they are, only know because they've seen them in the dog shows.
Ah Bless he is so cute. Thank you. Well at least I have learned and gotten to see beautiful corgis. Now that makes my day. I know I have been ask why Gwenie's legs were cut off. I was shocked at that one and had to explain corgi's. Corgi's rule. :)
I have been asked about the legs being cut off also and my reply is "my dog doesn't need legs to do the same job your dog does need legs to do"...it's keeps them quite all the time!
We always say "We wore them off by walking them too much".
I like that! So next time I will use your line! "We wore them off by walking them too much!" Love it.
Love it! Well corgis are better than most dogs!
My nephew thought they were "Car-eating corgis". Wanted one in the worst way. :)
Ha ha! That's cute. :)
Pembrokes have tails too. Tails are not docked in Australia, northern Europe, and some eschew the practice here in the U.S. Look around, and you'll see pics of Pems with tails.


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