Is it just me or does it seem like every corgi sleeps on their back? or lay with their back legs stretched out behind them? how about making those chubaka (or however you spell it) noises? Even their barks are unique. I once had a woman at the park stop and say she could tell from around the corner that my dog was a corgi by its bark. Let me know what funny things your corgi does that seems to be unique and specific to the breed. Who doesn't love their funny little quirks?

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LOL, yup I think most of those things are pretty much universal to corgis!!!   My 12 year old doesn't sleep on his back much anymore but he used to , as for the puppy, that is pretty much her favorite position to sleep in!  Both do the frog leg position and yes the "Chewbaca" sounds!



yesss :) its sooo cute! i was a bit worried at the time but now i realize :) that its kinda natural for them...its also true when they're in the lounge mode with the widdle legs splayed out XD

So true. Baxter seemed to phase out the sleeping on the back pose. He'll still do it, but only if he's laying in the center of the bed. When he was a puppy, he used to lay flat on the ground with his little front paws bent straight flat on the ground pointing toward his feet-- like a little Snoopy.

hahaha aww Schatzi does the same thing!! I was hoping she would lol. She likes to bury her head in spaces while sleeping; under the covers, under someone's leg, in an armpit..hahaha, while lying on her back with her little paws crossed on her chest. so adorable! and nothing beats the corgi smile :)
LOL Oh yes my sweet baby Gwenie sleeps with all fours in the air. She has to sleep next to me on her back. Its just so cute. She does the flying corgi with paws all out when she chews on something, or to cool down on tiles. She howls at me if I don't move fast enough for her. I love her and the way she talks to me all day.
Oh yeah, Sidney does those things! And the frapping - and the way he "talks" to me. And the "stare"!
I have never had dogs that talk and even argue as much as my corgis. The Arroooos and the bows when they stretch in the am also!
Marlee has learned to roll on her back right next to the wall and prop her feet on the wall up in the air when she wants to sleep on her back, otherwise she will roll back over when sleeping.  We hear her nails tap and slide on the wall at night when she sleeps that way.  She does the chewbaca sounds when playing. She also can't control her urge to heard. When she sneaks out the door and tours the neighborhood she tends to ignore us when we call her home.  So we send our son on his bike to ride past her, she will then chase him.  He just turns around and rides home with her following like a goose with goslings.  It works every time.

I didn't have a name to describe the noises... Chewbacca noises, I Googled it and here it is:

Pretty funny and yes it's pretty close to the noise my Mowgli makes when he's excited and wants to go out.  Thanks for the laugh!

Enzo loves to rol/ wallow on his back into stinky areas of the grass where there is usually mudd or poop around. I met another corgi and he was doing it too! Any other wallowers out there?
oh yeah, Sidney will take a dive face-first into some smelly patch and then roll around on his back in ecstacy!


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