i wanted to give everyone an update on how Baden is doing with his weightloss. i am so happy to report once i dropped his kibble to 1/3 of a cup and ditched the natural balance beef rolls for fresh pet food rolls which contain no sugar, he has lost a total of 5 pounds! now that i look at this photo i cant believe i didnt see it before. he is more trim, lean, as far as i can tell, much happier being slimmer. thank you all for your help and suggestions. this is why i love this site <3 tomorrow i shall post an updated photo of Baden, speaking of which its time for his dinner lol

i took Baden to the vet today for a check up and he now weighs 39 pounds! to me he dosnt look chunky but the scale didnt lie and now i am needing some help on how to get his weight down since i have never had an over weight pet before

he gets walked every day except sundays which are roughly about 40mins. he also goes to the dog park for about an hour or two depending on my work schedule (usually 4times as week) and that includes running after a ball half the time. i also take him to rivers and walking trails at least once a week. the trails take 2 hours to complete and he could spend all day in the river if i let him so hes getting his exercise.

he eat vension and barley natures variety prairie dog kibble and i grind up one slice ( 1/2 and inch) of natural balance dog food rolls. he eats half a cup in the in the morning and at night. for just one cup is 3,640 calories...wholy cow thats a lot now that i am typing it.

 so for those who have gone through this what can i do to help slim him back down to 30 pounds? the vet said he dosnt look it but he has fat stored around his ribs and between his chest.

please note that i didnt do this on purpose or i spoil him with treats all the time. i know their weight is important hence why i take him out all the time. here is a pic of us hiking just a week ago

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im glad he dosnt look huge, he looks a little chunky but more muscular in legs to me but when u touch his ribs u can fee a layer of fluff and fat lol

im glad Sully is dong good by the way, i can tell you two are very close :)

I would simply cut him down to 1/3 c am and 1/3 cup pm, instead of 1/2 cup each, and see what happens. Weigh him once every 2 weeks or so; you want him to lose a pound or two a month, you don't want rapid weight loss.

Once you reach your desired weight, you may need to bump hid food up a bit to keep him from continuing to lose.

I so agree, 1/3 c two times a day. You might get complaints but he will be fine. Also agree slow lose is best.

sounds like a good plan to me. hes going to be sad to be getting less kibble but its for his own good.

he went on a long 4 hour hike yesterday which includes swimming by a lake with a waterfall (he loved it!) , im hoping its a good start to his weight loss. he was having fun but little did he know it was part of his new work out schedule ;) lol

Really, he won't even notice. Neither the Gershep nor the greyhound resorted to begging at the table or stalking baby birds; when mealtime came around, they seemed no more and no less enthusiastic about the advent of Dog Dish than they had been before.

Y'know, my impression of dogs, especially ones like corgis and Gersheps that do love their chow, is that many of them will eat all of whatever is put in front of it without even noticing whether they're "full" or not. Maybe they don't even experience fullness in the way we do -- their digestive systems are quite different from ours, after all. Those two dogs should have been ready to POP after I started dumping double rations in front of them twice a day, and they never seemed to register a difference.

Be strong! It'll work.

 Cut the rations sharply. And hold the Natural Balance rolls. Read the ingredients: if they really do have sugar (that's ANY ingredient ending in -ose, such as dextrose, sucrose, etc.), get rid of them.

Back when I had the Gershep and the greyhound, I used to dole out the dog food using a one-cup Pyrex glass measuring cup: one cupful twice a day per 90-pound dog. At one point, the Pyrex cup broke or got lost -- I forget which. Went over to the Albertson's and, not finding the handy one-cup Pyrex measure, grabbed a plastic measuring cup about the same size. It was made of translucent off-white plastic with the measuring lines sort of bas-relief, molded in -- same color plastic and effectively unreadable through my middle-aged eyes.

The shepherd dog, who was pretty chunky by nature, slowly got chunkier and chunkier and...FAT! Even the grey put on weight. I couldn't figure out why until one day I took off my glasses and held up the plastic cup close to my face so I could read the plastic-on-plastic  and discovered it wasn't a one-cup measure...it was a TWO-cup measure. I'd been feeding the dogs exactly twice as much as t hey were supposed to get!!!

As soon as they were cut back to their normal ration, they slowly began to lose weight. Within a few weeks they were back to their normal selves. The vet was pleased. I was horrified at the mistake but very glad the dogs recovered. And they never seemed to suffer from having the calorie load cut. I doubt if they even noticed.

o my! lol i dont mean to laugh but my mother did the same thing. they make the fine print so tiny now a days its hard for me to read it even at 23

OMG! You mean the world has another one like me? I love her!

lol! i called her this morning and i told her about this conversation. she said that she felt your pain and its a good laugh now that they are back down to being slim. shes also glad she wasnt the only one :)

Green beans are low calorie and helps many corgis loose weight as well.  Tucker seems to be on the skinny side by looking at him.  We just had him weighed at the vet and he is 28 pounds????  Weight is a funny thing.  He doesn't look 28 pounds to me, he must be all muscle!

Sometimes I wonder if vets' (and doctors') scales are accurate. If the dog doesn't look like he's overweight, maybe it would be worth dropping by some other vet to measure his weight. Or just pick him up and weigh him on the bathroom scale

Thanks Vicki I Had Them weigh Baron on a different scale & guess what his weight is 34.3 not 38 pounds. He got extra for dinner tonight.


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