So I have started to give my pets pure virgin coconut oil in there food. There fur smells like coconut and shiny and amazing. It helps with joints and so many things. I wanted to share this to the corgi world because coconut oil for dogs and people is rely growing fast. I am below going to post a link to a site that has all the benefits of giving this to your furry friend!

Try It an you will fall in love!

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I've been giving Tom a teaspoon of organic coconut oil since he was a puppy. I  thinks it's why Tom and Fen have beautiful coats and smell delicious. 

That's awesome. Iv started using it myself as well ;) loving it.

I've tried using it in my hair but with not so great results haha. I guess it's better just giving it to the dogs!

Was the hair kind of like when years ago we tried Mayo and it a week to wash out the grease?

I have a couple table spoons a day and it really is making a difference. I got started on it after watching a dr.oz episode all about ways to use it and the benefits

The lady I got my puppy from told me all about the benefits of coconut oil. It took me a while to find some locally, but Oscar loves it and his coat is beautiful! 

Yep. I can't afford fish oil, but coconut or evoo I can. And either one is very good for dogs

Yes, I saw on pinterest how coconut oil is sooo good for us.  Didn't know for the dogs too.  I want my daughter to take it by the spoonful but highly doubt she would, I have to say, I think it would probably taste gross.  With so many health benefits though I will need to find a way to get us to eat it.  I have a jar sitting in my cabinet, waiting to be used.  I also have a board on pinterest with recipes for coconut oil.  Thanks for posting this here too! 

Make sure it's virgin coconut oil. I use it instead of lotion an it's so amazing. I use spectrum brand it's organic. Tastes like coconut. Very good adding it to hot coco or coffee. Like a sweet treat. Do some research on benefits for dogs also. It's so amazing what it does.

Thanks, will check if mne is virgin coconut oil or not!  The lady at the health food store told me that it clears up her daughters excema, once again, wouldnt be able to get my kids to use in on their skin :(  I like the idea of adding it to hot coco or coffee!  Thanks will check it out!

edit: just checked, I have the right kind!!! Bought it at Trader Joes, love that store!

is it greasy on the skin, my kids hate greasy lotion. 

It's only grease for a little bit. I actaully started using it because I have excema. And it's totally gone. Dr. Oz says use virgin because it doesn't clog the pores. Helps with acne an aging. Rinkles and keeps the skin young. Dr. Oz says eating it is the same as using it on your body because its absorbed through the body. So if you can just at least get them to eat it.... Your dogs also.


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