Just curious,
From pics Ive seen of puppies I noticed some ears are up while others are down. Do they sometimes stay bent over or do they straighten with age?

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Corgi ears start out flopped over, then will pop up as they get older. Some pup's ears pop up very early, while others take a long time to come up. Occasionally the ears won't come up without a little extra help so they can be taped up to help the cartilage strengthen. If you look around the site you will see a few corgis who's ears were never taped and therefore didn't come up. It is not common to have to tape pembroke ears but I had to do it with Orion's since they were huge and floppy. I have no baby pictures of Laika but here's Orion as a baby with his floppy ears:

The right ear started to come up on its own but the left didn't (so I taped at about 12 weeks) but here's him at 10 weeks when his right ear started to come up before it fell back down:

If you look around you will also see tiiiiny tiny puppies who's ears are already up and stay up too
OMG what an adorable puppy! These pictures made me laugh out loud and made me all happy inside! Thank you for the answer to my ear question. Everyone on this site is wonderful.
He's absolutely adorable with one ear up and one ear down.
our Luna had one ear up and one ear down for a long time and we actually were a little disappointed when it popped up. It suited her so well!

Each pup is different..depends but if ears are not up by 12 weeks..then they should be tapped. Vit. C can help with ears as well. Then there are ears that just don't go no matter what you do. There is a surgical procedure which is making an incision to cause a flap and inserting a wire or nylon mesh in the ear. Its a simple procedure but there are quite a few Corgis ears that are down and they are adorable. Some have one down one up. Adds character.

Teagen's ears were up at a very early age!! she was 8wks here! Jordan's ears had to be taped but this is him at 9 wks

I had litter mates, Dylan and Emily, whose ears were up at 10 weeks. Both had large ears. Having had to tape one of previous corgi's ears when he was a puppy, I didn't want to have to do that again. Then about 2 years later, one of Dylan's ears went down. He looked like half a corgi and half a beagle. It was quite a shock to wake up and see Dylan looking like that. The vet and breeder suggested that in puppy fighting with his sister, his ear might have been injured. About 6 mo. later, just as unexpectedly, the ear went back up and stayed up for the rest of Dylan's 14 years.
LOL isn't that something. Cute no matter what but I am happy to say that at 10 weeks Pearl's ears are on the rise!
Before I even got her I was worried i would have to tape ears. Hopefully they will stay up once they are completely up.
Finnegan's ears are kind of in-between. They stick out to the sides of his head. I can't bring myself to tape them. He's cute no matter what, but we're starting to think that he's not full corgi. He is just so awkwardly shaped and skinny compared to what Guinness was, and his ears seem much much larger. He's 17 weeks, so I think his ears just might stay floppy. We've tried massaging them and feeding him dairy products for the calcium.
He is sooo cute. Maybe he is all corgi but just has a sort of genetic difference, sort of like how fluffies appear every now and then. His ears are very pointed at the tips, not rounded. Neat markings, I like the little brown dots above his eyes!
Thank you. He is just so adorable to me, I don't really care if his ears pop. He reminds me of an awkward teenager. I love those too, one of his sisters was all black and brown and almost looked like a tiny Rottweiler.
I had decided that I wouldn't worry that one of Pearl's ears wasn't up. Would you believe as of today, overnight as a matter of fact the ear is standing at attention. From what i have been reading that could change in a flash. They are all adorable dogs no matter what. Us Corgi owners have the most darling, exceptional looking (to say the least) breed of dogs don't we?


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