Just curious,
From pics Ive seen of puppies I noticed some ears are up while others are down. Do they sometimes stay bent over or do they straighten with age?

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@sharon. Corgis are the BEST! And their owners seem pretty fabulous, too.
I like ears with character. Like I said above, we were a bit disappointed when Luna's ear popped up. The one ear up/one ear down really fit her personality. I think your Finnegan's ears are precious and unique, and I wouldn't have taped them either!
My dog is quite a story...his ears did NOTHING for 3 months, then at right around 3 months, his right ear perked straight up in a matter of about 4 days. His left ear never came up...we tried taping it which worked initially when we took it off, but it went back to floppy. Our dog has really large, heavy ears, and I think those are the hardest to get to come up. It's hard to tell, but since we have accepted the half up half down look, we think he would look weird any other way. Nothing is as cute as when his floppy ear bounces around when he's running around. Many people even complement at his uniqueness! I have also met two other people that had corgis with one ear up and one down, so it is actually somewhat common. Like I said, the bigger the ears, the weaker. Hope that helps :)!
He is absolutely adorable, you are right, his uniqueness makes him extra cute. How old is he now? Thanks for the reply
I think this is how Finn will be too. His right ear started popping up early, then the left one started to follow. Now the left one stands up more than the right. And his seem very large and heavy too.
I LOVE his ears! How cute!
Yoda had these huge free standing ears when I took him home. That is why he is called Yoda!
Here he is at 8 weeks:

OMG he looks like a stuffed toy!

This picture doesn't even do justice to the size of Rafa's goofy ears. How they stand up defies the laws of gravity!!! I'll have to hunt for a better picture that shows just how big they are in relationship to his body.
Wow u aren't kiddin about those ears and quite a tongue to match lol What a darling pic
@Sharon - It's a very flattering photo of Rafa. He's really much goofier! ; )
Murray has very large heavy ears and they weren't totally up until 12-13 weeks. One still kind of flops like a puppy ear when he runs, which is so cute.


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