I have a question. I noticed on my first Corgi the fur growing in between his pads on his feet. My new puppy (4 mo old) has the same issue. I used to cut the long fur between his pads because I thought it might be easier for him to walk. I'm I right, or should I leave his feet alone?


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Cutting the fur between the feet make trimming nails a lot easier! The vet office complains if we haven't trimmed the feet fur! In the winter it also helps so that the snow doesn’t cake to their pads.
It's fine to trim the fur in their pads, I just use a kid's scissors with rounded edges.
My groomer just trims it! Careful not to trim too deeply. It's there to keep their feet warmer!
I never trim Izzy's and she does not seem to have any problem with snow or ice! It really does not stick to her hair.
I trim my corgi's paw fur so that it is level with the pads, I find if you leave it long they end up getting little snow balls built up in the fur between the pads, and they track in more mud and snow into the house and there pads get dry, chapped and soar.
The groomer I take Guinness to trims it to be even with his pads.
Lance also get his trimmed at the groomers. We also will trim it with scissors in between getting him to the groomers. We have wood floors and its harder to get traction with the long hair, he slides around.
I just trim the fur so it doesn't cover the pads; that would be slippery on our wood floor.


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