Not the usual kind either.  I was curious, am I the only one with a corgi who has hair that actually gets stuck in your skin?  I've had them embedded in my foot and I actually had one embedded in my thigh today.  Does Saber just have a super strong top coat or has this happened to anyone else?


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I really don't have a clue...could your skin be dry and that make it worse?

Not really.  Her fur is pretty soft.  She just has some hair that she sheds that seems stronger than the others I guess.

I thought corgis had soft coats. Sully's hair is thick but soft. It feels like petting a bunny. Anyone that pats her mentions her soft fur and I assumed it was typical of the breed. I believe she is not pure-bred but I don't know what else she could be mixed with as she has so many corgi traits. Does Saber's fur actually embed itself like quills? I have never heard about that but a breeder may know how common it is and the possible cause.

Saber's fur is for the most part soft, but not bunny soft.  Saber just seems to grow some super strong hairs it seems.  The breeder is the woman  who posted before you and she seems not to know either.  Maybe Saber just has super unique strong hairs?

Pembroke Welsh Corgis have an undercoat of fine soft fur and an overcoat of coarse hair, which makes their coat water resistant.

I don't think Saber's mom or dad have super strong overcoats but they do have them and maybe they are coarser???? I was just petting Wynn and his is.

I think it is just a strong overcoat hair.  It's the only thing I can think of.

Could it be a whisker, not a hair?

It's definitely a hair. It's brown on one end.

That's strange. Could it possibly be some other item, not a dog hair? A splinter or piece of some other kind of fiber? What's your carpeting like? No ornamental cacti around?

Pure corgi hair. I've had 3 different instances of it.  Our carpeting is soft and no ornamental cacti.  My corgi just seems to have hulk hair.

I happened to me in my foot once with a top-coat hair. I just assumed I needed to vacuum and had some bad luck.

I am glad to know I am not the only one who has a corgi with super strong t


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