If someone out there around Illinois is looking for a male corgi, there is one in DESPERATE need of a home. He is in Springfield, IL being kept by an animal control center- not sure how long they will keep him before his time is up. He is on petfinder.com




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Rebecca, you are my hero! I hope you all are a very happy family!
Let us all know how it goes!  And thank you again, Rebecca, for taking him....He's very handsome.
Rebecca he is adorable, we are so happy you are getting him.  He's a lucky little fellow!
Well i hope all goes well, they are pushing me to pick him as soon as possible. I told them i am 2 1/2 hrs away and i won't be able to come till thurs or fri., cause of work. I don't why they are being so pushy. whats 2 more days. I'm keeping my fingers crossed she dosn't give him away on me. Cause she sent my papers back approved.
I am sooo happy. I was going to send my cousins to find someone to take him.  You are in for a great time, they love to have a playmate. My two girls have the best time everyday.  Good luck and thanks for saving one our bunny butt friend,

where do they live your cousins,  and thanks we are excited, we pic him up tomorrow-thurs. can't wait. Hope he gets along with the other two.

If it's an animal control place and not an actual shelter they may just not have much room. I don't think they usually keep dogs for very long unfortunately. :(  I'm so glad this guy is going to find a good home though!
Yeah  can't wait till tomorrow, got off work to go pick up the little guy. He was neutered yesterday, and shots were given. All set to go. So happy:)

Hooray hooray!  Let us know how it goes and post pics!!!!!  You're wonderful for taking him...and he's a very lucky guy.

thanks so much ellen, will post pics and update
Oh, all the excitement...can't wait to hear more:) Good luck...he looks like such a happy boy:)
Glad to hear Gilligan is going home tomorrow.  :D  I about ready to stop and meet you tomorrow, so I can see the little guy before he leaves town.   LOL


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