If someone out there around Illinois is looking for a male corgi, there is one in DESPERATE need of a home. He is in Springfield, IL being kept by an animal control center- not sure how long they will keep him before his time is up. He is on petfinder.com




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You're welcome!!   And so pleased you were able to rescue Gilligan:)   

I'm getting him, i called.


Aw congrats! I'm glad he's found a good home!


Well it looks like we will be adopting the little guy. We are so excited. We go Thursday to pick him up. Hope he settles in ok. They say he's a bit shy. But our gracie who is 10mo was also a bit shy, and shes gotten better.
Congratulations...so glad you had room for one more...can't wait to hear more! Thanks for rescuing!
Congratulations, I am so glad he has found a good home, he is such and adorable boy!! Please keep us updated on him, would love to know how he does in his new home.
That's wonderful news!  Thank you so much for helping this little fellow!

Hooray for Rebecca! 


And double Hooray for that handsome little fellow finding a safe home!



I am so happy for you guys!!  Congratulations!!
I am so thankful that you are able to save him Rebecca.  He is so cute.
He's a good looking boy! Enjoy him!


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