Hey everyone! I'm planning my wedding right now and thought it might be cute to incorporate Nibbler into it since the resort is pet-friendly. Has anyone else done this before? Does anyone have any ideas for what to do, what she should wear (or not wear), or anything else?

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I didn't have a corgi in my wedding, but I had a miniature schnauzer bring the rings down the aisle. Our wedding was at my parents house and Schautzie, the miniature schnauzer, was my princess, so it was perfect having her being apart of our wedding. She wasn't wearing anything special, but she did have a big yellow bow around her neck in order for the rings to be tied to it. A friend of mine had a co-worker get married and her 2 corgi's (one male, one female) were the best man and maid of honor. Both of them had special attire, but I don't recall what they wore.
The flower girl idea is cute...I don't have a flower girl. Would it be inappropriate if my female dog was the ring bearer? At least she would serve a function that way, carrying the rings. :) I like the idea of just putting a Ribbon around her neck, Alison. That would be super cute.
I say go for it. It still puts smiles on my face when I see the picture of my husband and I untying our rings around Schautzie's neck. Schautzie has since gone to doggy heaven, but that memory will always be in my mind. Believe it or not, it was actually my mom's idea to include Schautzie in the wedding since she knew how much I loved her.
Yup, a few of our members did it :)
My two would volunteer if they are invited to the reception. All that food.....they would be in corgi heaven.
I like the idea of her being flower girl or maid of honor--lol! That, of course, assumes you don't have a friend with a little girl who would get mad at you for giving the coveted flower girl position to your dog. Also, a friend who wouldn't get mad at you for giving Maid of Honor to your dog--hahahaha.
I think she could accompany the flower girl and wear a collar of flowers or carry a basket! Then when you get up the aisle someone could have them sit by her till the ceremony is done and she could go back down again.
What fun! I like the idea of a naked corgi - lol!!!
She can be anything you want her to be...a ring bearer would be cute! It's your wedding...go for it! A ribbon around the neck would be cute...I would be very careful if you put the real rings on her though...you could jus put fake ones on her.
We knew someone whose dog walked the bride down the aisle on the other side of her from her dad, and then back down the aisle with the bride & groom at the end of the ceremony. They had a friend who was not in the wedding party assigned to watch/handle the dog during the ceremony in case she got goofy and antsy; they could get up and take her for a walk if she got too disruptive. Personally, I think a ribbon or a wreath of flowers (be sure they are not toxic in case she eats them) around the neck would be cuter than dressing her up. Face it, even a naked corgi is adorable!
If I were getting married again, I'd have my Sophie come down the aisle - definately. I think it's a great idea. I actually have a friend that is making wedding appropriate scarfs - really beautiful ones with lace and beading. She makes them out of vintage wedding dresses. If you would like, I can send you her email. Let me know. I also know of someone that had their yellow lab in the wedding - she had someone walk with her down the aisle. I'd recommend some leash training if she isn't good on a leash. I also like the idea of having a real flower lei/collar if you think she would wear something like that.


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