Hi guys. This is my first time here, although I wish I would have joined years ago. It seems like a fun place to be. =) I am writing today because I just found out that my 10 1/2 year old Corgi (Blaze) has a tumor in his eye that is probably cancerous and has to have his eye removed, probably Tues.

I am trying to digest this...Blaze is my baby, my husband and I don't have kids and well you can imagine how spoiled he is. =) He also has some aging and cloudiness going on in his good eye, so I guess we will see how that goes as he gets older. The vet took some xrays and it doesn't seem that he has any other tumors in his body that we can see anyway...so that is good news.

It's just really hard for me to deal with this...I have read some messages online that tell people to "buck up" and deal with it ..it isn't happening to you, it is happening to him...I know that this is true. I have to get control of my emotions so he won't be upset if he sees that I am...I think he will adjust to the loss of the eye fine, it seems most dogs aren't really that affected by it once it heals.

Anyway, I am just venting basically and wondering if any of you have had anything similar. This is happening so soon, it is a lot to take in..

Thanks for any support.


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Suzanne and Blaze,  I was so thrilled to read this post!!  I know you must be so relieved! Thank you so much for keeping us up to date.  I hope you will keep posting updates and pictures of Blaze.  I think he has lots of fans  at "My Corgi"  Give Blaze extra hugs from all of us.

Thanks Teresa. We appreciate the love here. Everyone is so nice. I will keep posting and I enjoy reading about all the other corgis. I think Corgis are an addiction....they are just too cute.  =)

Oh what a beautiful happy smile .So glad for both of you that all turned out so well!

Thanks Jane! We appreciate your thoughts/prayers along the way.

Suzanne...what wonderful news to hear!!!!  Blaze is a dang cute corgi and he has contaigious smile.  Hey, I bang into things all the time and I've got 2 good eyes, just a lousy sense of balance.  He will do just fine.  My good friend had a Springer who went blind.  She learned to negoiate the house and a backyard with an inground pool that didn't have a fence around it.  Guess they don't require fences around pools in Florida like we do in NY.


Thanks Linda! It is amazing how animals adapt to these kinds of situations.  I am so grateful that my boy will be okay.  This whole situation just makes me appreciate him and his love even more.  So some good did come out of it, as is usually what happens in tough situations.

So glad to hear he's doing well!

We had this happen with our first corgi, also.  She went on to live to be 16 years old when she died.  She was in some pain for the first few days after it happened, just keep giving the pain meds until he lets  you know he doesn't need them.  With ours, it was only a few days.  After she recovered, we just introduced her as our pirate corgi.  If the surgeon does a good job, you will know there is an eye missing, but otherwise the is no disfigurement.  They put something in the eye socket and then sew the lids shut.  It does happen fast, but it needs to for the health of the dog, but he will recover, and so will you.


Thanks for sharing about your corgi that lost an eye. It makes me feel better that she lived a long life. I only gave Blaze pain meds  for about 5 or 6 days, then I could tell he was feeling better. He seems to do better off medications if he can get by w/o them. Kind of a sensitive dog. Anyway, thanks again for sharing your story. It helps to know others have been through the same thing.


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