Hi guys. This is my first time here, although I wish I would have joined years ago. It seems like a fun place to be. =) I am writing today because I just found out that my 10 1/2 year old Corgi (Blaze) has a tumor in his eye that is probably cancerous and has to have his eye removed, probably Tues.

I am trying to digest this...Blaze is my baby, my husband and I don't have kids and well you can imagine how spoiled he is. =) He also has some aging and cloudiness going on in his good eye, so I guess we will see how that goes as he gets older. The vet took some xrays and it doesn't seem that he has any other tumors in his body that we can see anyway...so that is good news.

It's just really hard for me to deal with this...I have read some messages online that tell people to "buck up" and deal with it ..it isn't happening to you, it is happening to him...I know that this is true. I have to get control of my emotions so he won't be upset if he sees that I am...I think he will adjust to the loss of the eye fine, it seems most dogs aren't really that affected by it once it heals.

Anyway, I am just venting basically and wondering if any of you have had anything similar. This is happening so soon, it is a lot to take in..

Thanks for any support.


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So sorry you have to go through this but I am betting he will be as good as new after his surgery:) There are some other corgis on here with one eye also. Sending well wishes and a speedy recovery!

Take care!

Thanks Jane.  I'm hoping he will feel better without that tumor pushing out his eye...he has glaucoma in that eye too that is probably causing pain, even tough he doesn't show any signs of it. Thanks for your thoughts. I appreciate it.

I am so sorry you all have to go thru this.  It is happening to you and you are hurting...more than Blaze is.  The dog deals with now..not the past, not the future.  You think of everything and worry about his health and what the future will bring. 

You said he has gluacoma in the bad eye, I would make sure that the good eye is constantly checked for it also.  My one cat has it also.  Started in one eye and then the other.  Vet said that is pretty much the norm with the disease..both eyes are involved.  Gemma has drops (human) twice a day to control the pressure and it has stayed good for the last 2 years...she is only 5.

 And yes, try to stay as calm as you can, Blaze can read you and will take his cue from you.  Many prayers for both of you and please keep us posted.

Thanks Linda

If I could just learn to live in the moment like Blaze, then I guess life would be a lot less of a struggle huh? I guess I am a work in progress =)

The vet thinks the tumor led to the gluacoma, but he did test his other eye for it and I am sure we will keep an eye on it as well.

I  appreciate the prayers and I am doing better handling it as time goes on...

I am so sorry to hear this.  Just remember that dogs live in the moment and don't pine for what might have been, as we do. He will get along just fine.  Many dogs go almost totally blind before their owners know there is a problem, because they adapt and use their other senses.  Just be careful about approaching on his blind side, especially if he has food, and get in the habit of talking to him so he knows where you are.   

I've met dogs who had three legs, were blind, etc and they cope so much better than we do.  Even with people, though, studies show we have a preset "happiness level" and after a period of adjustment/ grieving we bounce back to where we were.  For dogs, that adjustment period is much shorter.

If you must cry over it, try to do it outside the house so he doesn't pick up that you are upset.  The biggest change will be the cosmetic one of you getting used to seeing him with just the one eye.  

Thanks Beth.  Yeah I have been very upset, but have left the house on many occasions to get a handle of my emotions..I don't want him to get upset because I am..He is a very sensitive dog in that way...I am sure after the first week after he has the surgery I will be used to it and it won't be an issue...probably more an issue of waiting for it to be done...

Oh. I am so sorry for this!  My babies are our kids, too.  I can't imagine how hard this is for you.  Give Blaze lots of love and hugs!!! And I will say a prayer for both of you.  Keep us posted!

Thanks for the prayers Teresa...it is tough. I think only pet parents can understand and especially ones w/o kids.

He will do fine...dogs are resilient, and adapt very well to handicaps...it's way harder on you then it is on them!  It's very, very hard, to see them sick and hurting--

We are all praying for you and sending well wishes!

Thanks Jennifer for the prayers and wishes....we'll be okay....I just keep reminding myself that I am grateful that he is still here with us..it could be worse...

Do you know the Serenity Prayer?  I am not a religious person tho I do have my beliefs but I so believe in that prayer because it says exactly what we all need to do in life no matter what you do or don't believe.  Keep repeating it to yourself, let it become your mantra..know that you are doing all you can and being so upset you can't function is hurting not only you but Blaze as well.  He needs to feel strength from you, that's how he knows everything will be ok.

Yes Linda, I have that prayer posted in a couple of places in my home and a ring with it on it...LOL...thanks for the reminder to stop and take it in.  I have health issues myself, so you are right that I am just hurting myself and upsetting him, so I will try to relax and know that God is in control and I will do the best that I can.

I am so blessed to have had Blaze in my life for so long and hope to make many more memories to come..thanks for the support. 


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