Hi guys. This is my first time here, although I wish I would have joined years ago. It seems like a fun place to be. =) I am writing today because I just found out that my 10 1/2 year old Corgi (Blaze) has a tumor in his eye that is probably cancerous and has to have his eye removed, probably Tues.

I am trying to digest this...Blaze is my baby, my husband and I don't have kids and well you can imagine how spoiled he is. =) He also has some aging and cloudiness going on in his good eye, so I guess we will see how that goes as he gets older. The vet took some xrays and it doesn't seem that he has any other tumors in his body that we can see anyway...so that is good news.

It's just really hard for me to deal with this...I have read some messages online that tell people to "buck up" and deal with it ..it isn't happening to you, it is happening to him...I know that this is true. I have to get control of my emotions so he won't be upset if he sees that I am...I think he will adjust to the loss of the eye fine, it seems most dogs aren't really that affected by it once it heals.

Anyway, I am just venting basically and wondering if any of you have had anything similar. This is happening so soon, it is a lot to take in..

Thanks for any support.


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Sounds way too much like my house Linda...I have a 14& 15 year old inside cat then Groucho decided to move in for the winter. We moved to the other house and he ran back to the other house...then KK shows up as 3-4 months old. I also just got done catching my 5 shed cats from the Humane Society. I LOVE black and white cats but other than Groucho...every other color finds me:(

I'm sure Blaze is more annoyed by that cone than anything else.  He looks like he is resting comfortably...I hope you are too.

Sorry for the bad news :(
My Lemmy was born with only one eye but you'd never know it. Aside from the occasional Juggernaut moment when he's playing and plows into the wall or a piece of furniture... he doesn't even flinch, just keeps going (sometimes I wonder how lol).
Your boy will do just fine Im sure :) Once he adjusts he'll be his corgi self again!

.  Blaze keeps running into walls/objects but I think a lot of it is the cone. So we will see how he is when it comes off.  Good to hear that Lemmy is doing well while only being able to see out of one eye.  He probably doesn't know any different since he was born w/o the eye..It's amazing how animals adapt so well to their situations.  =)

Suzanne....how is Blaze doing?

Hi Linda.  Blaze is doing well.  His eye is healing up.  He'll get his cone/stitches out Monday, then he will be a happy boy.  =)

Very glad to hear he is doing well.  Oh yeah, he will be so much happier and will do better once that cone is off.  My first corgi had to have a growth removed from his hind leg, he was a terror with that cone.  Banged into everything including the backs of my legs...I had so many black and blues you would have thought my husband was beating me.

How funny Linda. Yeah I have had him crash into me more than a few times.  He dragged the ground for the first few days..then he learned to hold his head up some. Stairs were difficult too. We have a split level house so a lot of stairs. He has it mastered for the  most part now.  Funny to watch how he adapts to this stuff. 

When Jack had his for the scratched cornea, the funniest to me was Maddie's reaction.  She'd see Jack coming up the hall, and she'd give him just the usual amount of space to let him pass... which meant the cone cracked into her shoulder or chest.  She did not learn to move out of the way any more than he did.  It seems that they both had trouble adapting to the fact that he was wider.   It reminded me of the way pregnant women will sometimes bump stuff with their bellies....

that's too funny Beth, I bet it would be fun to watch them together. =)

Suzanne, I am so happy you are keeping us updated about Blaze. Everyday when I come home from work that is the first thing I do, check on Blaze.

  I am thrilled that he is doing so well.  He is so lucky to have such a great mom!

aww, that's sweet Teresa. We appreciate you thinking of him.  We are still waiting on the pathology results..Hopefully they will be here by the end of the week.  Kind of anxious to see what exactly we are/were dealing with. Hoping that getting it removed took care of it.  Thanks again for checking in on Blaze  =)


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