I've dealt with this before and I thought maybe my dog had ingested something bad, but this time I'm beginning to think he may have epilepsy. He begins to act lethargic and is wobbly on his feet. He vomits and then goes to the bathroom uncontrollably. When this happened before it would last for like 8 hours or through the night and then he would be fine the next day back to normal. Has anyone else dealt with this and their corgi? I want to feel comfortable with this being a treatable condition and that he will be ok. After all he has done fine the last 2 times this happened and good as new the next day no brain damage or anything weird like I've read. And the last 2 times it happened they were far apart in time not consecutive. Please help!

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This is the third time? I'm afraid your pup needs more help than advice we can give you on line. He needs to see a vet. Whether it's epilepsy, or something else, something is wrong, and you need to get to the bottom of this. You won't be able to be comfortable with it being treatable until you learn what it is, and that is something you need a vet for.

IF this is epilepsy, there are anti-seizure drugs. You say that he has no brain damage afterward, and is fine. The thing to know about seizures is that the damage is cumulative. Each seizure adds to the damage of the ones before, but may not be enough to be noticeable each time. So preventing future seizures is important. I'm not an expert, but it seems to me that if he's had three of these spells, they are not under control, whatever they are.

They may not be seizures. This may not be epilepsy, but something else. You really need to see a vet. Keep us posted.

Good to know...I'm going in Monday when I'm off work to take him in. Thank you for replying! I went in before the first time it happened and I'm not sure why we didn't do blood tests the doc just said he was fine and to see if it would keep happening and I also just thought maybe he ate something. He just wobbles around for a while afterwards so I don't know if he just has a seizure for a while or is coming off of some poisoning or whatever. I don't do drugs so I know for sure that's not it!

I definitely recommend seeing a vet to see whats wrong with your pup, so he can get better.  Good Luck.  Please keep us posted as to what the vet finds. 

Thank you for responding it's good to know people care! I definitely will!

So far Chili is just fine now, but like I said I'm going to the vet monday to have some tests done to be more sure about what happened. I'm starting to think he ate something bad because he acted like he was drunk or off and then slowly got better like maybe it was something poisonous that did it. I'm an idiot when it comes to dogs and need to make sure no food lands on the floor that he's not supposed to eat. I just always knew chocolate was bad, but found out last night there are tons of things dogs can't eat. Learning something new everyday about dogs that's for sure!

Let's not guess, get diagnosed.

Going in Monday for sure just wanted to see if anyone else is dealing with the same thing...

I would also get him to the vet. I deal with people who have epilpsy of many varying degrees.My reasoning is I have never seen a person throw up with a seizure and if he is he could also aspirate  into his lungs and get pnemonia. Loss of bowel and bladder can happen . Usually you should be witnessing a stare, eyes blinking to shaking or full body seizure and I don't  see this in what you describe. Normally after a seizure(depending what kind) dogs and people come out of it fine a few minutes and are back to normal unless it is the more severe and you would know this. If it is a seizure the meds are relatively cheap.

Good luck!

That is very true I didn't think of that just read that they over heat or something and he wasn't panting or foaming at the mouth just wobbly and looked high in a weird way and it lasted a while until morning, but he's not on the floor kicking his legs just looks drunk or something?! I'm just so new at this dog thing and have always had cats so it's scaring the heck out of me! Plus with him being a pure breed I guess I just hoped he wouldn't have a disorder. I love corgis so much and don't want to lose this young guy. He's only a little over a year! Thanks for your response!

I've had two dogs with uncontrollable seizures.  But theirs were grand-mal seizures.  They would go completely unresponsive and paddle, vocalize, and sometimes lose control of their bladder/bowels.  There are seizures that are "partial"  ones, that kind of sound like what you are describing, but your's are lasting awefully long.  Go to a vet and see what they say.  The seizures are treatable.  Phenobarbitol is cheap, and usually works.  I had to add potassium bromide to both of my dogs, but it was manageable too, although more expensive.

Yes they are long if that's what they are and it's weirding me out and scaring me! This dog is only a little over a year and dealing with this and I want him to live at least 8 years or more! Thanks for your comment and hopefully I can get him on something that will help!

If it is epilepsy, it usually manifests itself by the time they are two years.  They told me my German Shepherd/Husky mix wouldn't make it to 6 years old, she lived to be 12.  My Newfoundland lived to be 13.  It certainly doesn't have to shorten their life spans if it's treated well!


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