Hello. :) I am not sure if this should be in this category so if not I am sorry! I was just curious to know your opinion on a situation I just encountered. We were looking into corgi puppies and came across a registered Canadian breeder who sells her puppies for $1000. She also had a 4 year old female breeding/show dog that she was looking to sell. I inquired about her becuse that could be a possibility for my boyfriend and myself. However she was selling her for $1500. I just didnt understand this? Could anyone explain how a four year old dog that she wants to get rid of to replace with a tricolor male could be more expensive than a puppy...She mentioned something about recouping the costs for hip tests and somethign about having to send papers to the organization or something...Hoping you guys can clear this up for me, it just didnt make sense if we wanted to buy this dog as a pet for her to be 500$ more than a puppy.


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She is super nice. I'll send you a message about her.

When we met Maddie the first time, she drove halfway to meet us. Then when we went to pick her up, she met us halfway again. She showed up with a folder with Maddie's vet records, microchip info, pedigree, and a picture of her from the show where she finished. Then just the other day in the mail I got a card and opened it up, and what was there but puppy pictures of Madison! Now, this is a woman with about 9 dogs (studs and bitches and young ones being brought along), who shows heavily, has several litters a year, and does rescue, and she took all this time dealing with a transaction for a dog she was giving away. Her basic explanation was she can't place a price on her adults. She's raised them, showed them, had a litter from them, lived with them for years, and there is no price you can put on that. She spent as much time on the phone with us as she had when she was sizing us up for a puppy, and we talked to her a couple times a week for the first few weeks Madison was here, to make sure things were going ok. I would get another dog from her in a heartbeat.
Thanks Derek, that does clear it up! I just couldnt figure it out, for some reason I thought she would be considerably cheaper but I didnt realise the breeding rights, have CKC (I am actually from Canada so here it is the CKC! :) ) pups, etc. She didnt explain it very well.
I think we will wait in line for a puppy for next year! :) Although I am dreading that puppy stage..lol....I am kidding! Kind of....;-)
If you contact breeders and just let them know you are wanting an adult dog with out breeding papers, and hint at the price range they should be ok. At least they will keep you in mind. I know I contacted my breeder for an adult and I got Miranda. A month later she had an adult available and he was the same price because he was only 2 years old, but he was perfect. I wish I could have gotten him too, but it is mostly a timing thing. If they have your name and info, they can call you.

ps. Every now and then they have someone return a dog because the owner cannot keep it (housing, sick, etc.) and they suddenly have an adult dog. Another reason to have a name and number on file. My breeder called me about one last year, but I had to say no.
Ginny was 550USD from a local breeder.
Morgan was $250 for adoption + $125 for transportation = $375 total, so I guess you can find dogs that are not that much more.

ps. I think you can write off your adoption fees as tax deductable donations if you go thru a shelter or rescue. Many consider the money "donations" and are non refundable if the dog does not work out. So if you adopt you can do that to off set the costs. I don't think you can do that with a breeder. Is there an accountant in the house? LOL
I paid $600 for Grissom, and he had the AKC limited registration (which means nothing) and health guarantee, firt shots and blah blah blah.
We're looking at about $2000 for our Boxer puppy, though. Yikes.
Eddy was $600 w/ papers (which I left at the breeder's house, meh); no champion relatives.
hey Trevor, our corgi is small too. only 18 pounds now at 11 months....so compact! :)
Corgis are not so popular or common in Canada, the 1000$ you are seeing is pretty avg for a registered pup here, 700-1200 seems to be the general range overall. At least when we were shopping within ontario.
We have had Harry a little over a year and he cost us $1200 from a breeder in Maine.
She is however a top breeder....so I don't know if that has anything to do with it..
Yeah, Jack has a star-studded pedigree, not because we were looking for anything fancy but because when we researched breeders, show breeders were what we found.

Corgis are not-so-common around here either, and that is part of the pricing. You could probably get a Lab or a Golden from a pretty good breeder for around $800.
I have found you do get what you paid for. We spent so much on vet bills for Sparty and Buffy that we could have bought a show quality puppy several times over. They were both from people who owned horses and happened to have puppies. They were each $350. They were AKC but as has been pointed out that isn't much of a big deal. Sparty has terrible allergies and poor Buffy had so many problems that we were in and out of the vet constantly. The worst part is after several years of suffering she finally succumbed to a liver problem at only 6 years old. So when I got Izzy I called a breeder I had met at a dog show and she happened to have a non show puppy left over from a previous litter for $800. Izzy is almost three and the only vet expense has been regular checkups. I know even well bred puppies can have health problems but at least this way we improved our odds. I am going to stick with spending the $ up front to minimize the chance of going through that again.


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