I received a lot of comments about how small my female Corgi is, not seeing many Corgis around town I had nothing to compare her too, when I bought my second Corgi seeing the parents on sight I could see what people were talking about, my girl Corgi at 1.5 yrs old weighs 18lbs, the pup I just got is a boy and at 11wks old weighs in at 12lbs.


What's the average out there?

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My  6 month old male that just left weighed 19#'s. My 1 year old female weighs 21# but will grow more till almost 2 but will be about 24-26. All my others are between 25-29 pounds, the males will be about 2-3 pounds heavier than females.This is stanard size but some do run lighter or heavier depending on their bone structure.

This is from the akc standard, but of course there are always going to be dogs that are oversized and undersized. Henry will be 2 in July and is 29 lbs.


Weight is in proportion to size, not exceeding 30 pounds for dogs and 28 pounds for bitches. In show condition, the preferred medium- sized dog of correct bone and substance will weigh approximately 27 pounds, with bitches approximately 25 pounds.

Franklin was 19ish until he was about 1 1/2. Now he is 29 at 2 years old and at his ideal weight. They can fill out pretty quickly when they are between 1-2.

Olive just turned 1 and she weighs about 23lbs and people think that she looks small for a Corgi.  I think she looks just right:)


My female is average 25 pounds (depending on how often she gets in the garbage), but vet wants her no more than 22.  My male is very small, averages 19-22# depending on treats.  :-)  My female is heavier muscled and bigger boned though, the male came from a puppy mill.
Noodles is large for a corgi. He is almost six and he weighs 40 pounds and that is right where his vet wants him. That's okay, more of him to love! We do get people who tell us that he is fat, but I ignore them. His mom was big for a female at 33 pounds. It is weird because Noodles youngest sister is so tiny.
Callie weighs 19lbs and she is a few months shy of being 3yrs. She was the runt of the litter so we expected her to be smaller. There are quite a few smaller corgis out there.

Mine are big.  My female is top-of-the-standard at around 28 pounds (I got her down to 27 and there isn't an ounce of extra flesh on her, so 28 is probably her best weight).   My male is oversized and looks bad at under 35;  36 is his best weight.


There is a little peanut Corgi in our agility group.  She only weighs around 18 pounds.   I think the people her owner got her from breed for agility and some agility folks breed them small on purpose so they can run the lower courses.  I'm not a fan personally, but there you have it.


You can also breed two normal-sized parents and happen to get a bigger or smaller than expected pup out of a litter.  It happens.

I have been told she would be good at agility because of her size, I have started a little course in my back yard to try it out. She seems to like it so far.




Depends on Cardigan or Pembrokes... Cardigan's are bigger. My boy is 7 months and weighs 30lbs.
My two belong to the itty bitty corgi club on this site. Belle is about 16# and 2 1/2 yo.  Winnie is 22# 1 1/2yo and bigger boned.  There are a few here in town and they are huge beside mine.  Both their moms were on the small size also but still bigger.  I hope they grow some more one day.


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