So, my research into Corgis continues!  (Much success due to the crew at  :)

When my husband and I initially began to think about getting a Corgi, our thought was that we'd buy some bed stairs, so that the new member of our family could sleep with us.  Based on the height of the bed, and what I'm learning about keeping Corgi backs healthy, I'm guessing that's probably a bad idea...

Question is, what about couches?  Can a Corgi safely jump from a reasonable height couch?  Or it that something we need to discourage as well?  (We've traditionally had no problem with allowing our past dogs on the furniture....though we understand that Corgis will probably leave clumps of hair behind...)

Can Corgis jump safely from living room furniture?  ??



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Mine do with no problems but neither is overweight. Sparty is at the point (almost 13) where I am discouraging his jumping.

It may work(discouraging) for awhile but they will soon be flying on and off. Never had a problem.

You should try very much to keep them from doing it when they are less than a year old - we've never had problems but the "story" goes that they can damage growth plates from such activities when they are young.  We've got a bench next to the bed they can use as a step when getting up on the bed.  Some of them always use it - one of them usually just makes the jump.  Our previous batch of 2 Corgis eventually couldn't get up onto the furniture when they got 10+ years old.  I've seen these guys fly over the back of the couch, off the kitchen table and counter tops - yea I think it's risky (and strongly discouraged) but AFAIK they've never hurt themselves doing it.


Our Betsy is as agile as a cat and jumps up and down from the couches and beds with ease.  She has been known to jump from the floor over the *back* of the couch and will jump down from rather scary heights if we don't intercede in time; our son calls her our parkour dog.  We're not sure whether Fred, in his previous life, was ever let up on the furniture.  He was able to jump on the couch only once in the 2 years we've had him, and he looked as surprised as anyone when he did it and hasn't done it since.  He can jump down (when he wants to), but he much prefers to be picked up to get on and off the furniture.  I'm not sure how much of his inability is physical and how much of it is mental; Betsy rolls her eyes at his ineptitude and dependence on us, LOL.   Fred is probably the exception to the rule, though. I think an adult corgi who is not overweight shouldn't have a problem with couches and normal-height beds.

Ours have no problem with it. We like a carpet for them to land on since it lessens the jar are their shoulders and Rosie has shoulder problems. When we go to GA and rent a place for the winter, we've found that yoga mats make great landing spots in front of couches when there is no carpet. We now have 3 yoga mats that we use in the winter rental places. Works great and provides good traction for jumps up to and down from the couch. I've picked up yoga mats for a buck at yard sales. They roll up and are easy to store and don't take up much space in the car when travelling.

The question isn't really can they do it safely, it's more 'is there any way to STOP them?'! We have a high bed and I gave up keeping Brodie from jumping on and off of it. We made 'safe' ways for him to get up and down and he just went around and jumped straight on and off anyway. Kadi (11 months old) is currently confined to her xpen for a few days because at some point over the holiday weekend she managed to injure her front paw/shoulder while playing with Brodie, so she's limping. I was going to take her to the vet today since they would be back in the office, but now she's much improved, so I'm holding off and just keeping her confined so she can't jump and run. Brodie is bouncing off the walls because he doesn't have his playmate to FRAP with. My suggestion is that you make sure you have a way to confine your corgi for the times when they will need to recuperate after they injure themselves flying. Because corgis all seem to come equipped with pilot's licenses!

Provide some kind of step or stool or stair, and encourage its use esp. for dismount (this may be difficult). 

If smooth hard floor, provide nonskid rubber-bottomed throw rugs at takeoff/landing zones.  Our dogs own the sofa; we keep a plush cushy rug in front of it.  Al sleeps on the bed and may use the step when we're not looking.


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