My 5 yr corgi has it. Ulcers on gums. Cure is to extract teeth. Has anyone dealt with this?

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Ouch...never heard of this. Good luck!

Sounds scary, especially for you. Sorry you have to deal with that. I'm sure it sounds worse than it is. How many teeth are effected? Hope it is behind you all soon.

I see this in cats frequently and have seen it in a few beagles. It actually fixes the issue in most cases, essentially your dog is having a reaction to its own plaque and this causes an extreme inflammatory response. As bad as it sounds, dogs (and cats) do EXCELLENT with no teeth, The canines keep the tongue in the mouth so if he could keep his front teeth and canines that'd be great to help keep the tongue in. Franklin is missing one of his pre-molars and he actually will still chew knuckle bones on that side, clearly not affected by the huge gap in his mouth. You can also still feed dry kibble or just pre-soak it before feeding. Overall, with no teeth this means no more pain and no more ulcers so as drastic as it is, it will make him feel much better in the long run. 

My niece has a rescue Doxie and due to bad dental by a vet had to have all but 3 teeth pulled...she does fine now:)

I have been dealing with this with my other dog for a couple of years. It is very frustrating as the only cure is prevention or extraction.  Keep the teeth pristine or pull them.  It is hard to brush a dogs teeth when the gums are inflamed and are already painful and that is only a stop gap measure. The vet will only keep the dog under anaesthesia for a couple of hours at a time and has only able to pull 2-3 teeth at a time because of this (there is no problem with the teeth - they are in there good, only the reaction that they cause ). So 3 years into it we have had 4 dentals and 7 teeth removed .  Needing to go back in again soon to have some more pulled.

It is more prevelant in cats and rare in dogs. 


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