I always wanted to have Dee Dee 's pictures done professionally.  When Melissa and Franklin posted their photo shoot with the Purple Collar Pet Photography, I knew this guy was it for Dee Dee too!!  He is in Sacramento/Davis, CA area, but he will probably go to bay area too if requested.  This is not his main job (almost like a hobby?), but he does such a great job, I thought it should be.  Price is reasonable ($150 for the shoot), and the shots are great.  Please have a look...


Sorry.  I originally posted this on the blog section, but I wanted more people to see how beautiful my girl is aging... so I decided to post on the discussion.  You can never see too many Corgi photos, right?  :p

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i absolutely LOOOOVVEEE the first photo!!!!!!!!!

She has the most soulful eyes.

Thank you all! I'm so happy with the pictures!!

The photos are all beautiful.  I especially love the classic corgi butt shot!

Beautiful dog. Outstanding photographer!

I LOVE these pictures!! I think they came out perfect! I wish the photographer was near me in Texas. I remember how great Franklin's pictures were too.

Wow, those photos are beautiful! Those sunset silhouette pics are amazing! Which photo is your favorite?

Thanks!  My favorite is probably the one with her sitting in the middle of walk path with her head tilted a bit.  Another one is the one where you can see very little of her ears (very close up) because I know she does that when she's happy.  :) 

Those are fabulous photos!

Ah, I'm so envious that you live in a place that has a pet photographer!  I'd love to have my two photographed!  Those pictures are simply stunning!

Those are absolutely beautiful!! Wish We were in CA!

Those photos are absolutely gorgeous!!  It doesn't hurt that Dee Dee is gorgeous to start with :) I don't think I'd ever get mine to behave long enough for a photo shoot...


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