Peanut is 10-months-old and still chewing everything in sight. Yes, he's done teething. I'm just so frustrated! I stepped out of the kitchen for 5 minutes and he chewed up baseboard. Nothing is safe (furniture, bookbags, rugs, etc). I walk him every morning for 40 minutes. He has lots of toys. I'm now having to put him in his crate during the day while I do laundry, clean the house, etc. It breaks my heart to crate him when I'm home, but he just can't be trusted. Will Peanut ever out grow this? Someone please give me some hope and/or encouragement! Thanks.

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Do you give him chew treats like bully sticks, antlers, Himalayan Chews?  These seem to help around here.

Lulu started chewing the carpet at around 10 months, I think there may be another round of teething going on...back molars?
She chews a bit now when she's bored, so I have to make sure she has something to do....She will be 1yr next week.

Good luck!!!

My guy was the exact same way, and we had EVERY chew toy imaginable. Like you, I couldn't even go upstairs for a minute with out him finding something to chew, and we kept the living area he was in spotless! Good news is that he is getting so much better now at a year and a half. He is still crated while we are gone or sleeping, but otherwise he is loose and is doing soooo much better. There is hope!

10 months is still young and all puppies like to chew at that age.  Corgis seem to have a thing for paper tho and even my 10 & 12 year old guys have been known to amuse themselves with the odd napkin/Kleenex/sheet of note paper when the mood strikes.  Just keep providing good things for him to chew..maybe a kong with a treat inside to keep him busy.

I haven't had a puppy in a long time, my last 3 dogs were adult rescues/rehomings.  It does get better truly.  Maybe more walks during the day will help tire him so he isn't getting into as much.

Time will take care of it.

Once I had a dog that ate a eucalyptus tree. Girdled it, just like a beaver would've. Then there was the time the GerShep puppy ate an arm off a leather chair. That Hang in there. It passes. They're just material things, eh?

Got room for an exercise pen? Just bought one for the new pup today and sure do wish I'd known about these things before! Puppy doesn't hate it and cry like she does with a crate, and you can set it up easily close to wherever you happen to be puttering around. Found it at Petco for an almost reasonable price.

When you say chew toys, I assume you mean vinyl bones, bully sticks or anything that his hard?

I just shake my head at how so many plush, soft and fluffy dog toys there is in stores and they do nothing but to be cute when they sleep, or to be shredded in 5min.    There are some sprays out there that you could use.    I use something called Sour Green Apple (or something of the sort) and sprayed it a few times per day on corners of sofa, baseboard or anything he wanted to put his teeth on.

He tested it on the corner of the hardwood stairs but he finally got it.    Everytime he wanted to chew something I would give him a harsh no, and switch his attention to an appropriate chew toy.   If he continued it was crate time when I couldn't supervise.

Consider attaching a leash to you and having him follow you around when you are home and too busy to watch closely. An X-pen is a great idea also. Puppies just never seem to be able to handle much freedom. I  like smearing a little cheese in a kong to give the puppy something soothing to do when they are confined. It also encourages chewing on something safe. They also go through stages similar to a human baby where they can not chew enough things. It  won't hurt him to be in his crate for a while. You could try adding one or two short walks later in the day. I always have done that but partly because I really like to take walks but it did seem to help. Hopefully this stage will pass soon for you!

Vicky....our male Irish wolfhound ate anything made of wood.  At 6 months was the size of a large adult GSD.  He ate the footboard off my daughter's bed, 2 wooden trunks, the leg off a wingchair, the cross pieces on the kitchen table, baseboard with attached phone wires.  IWs have a thing for wood just like corgis have a thing for paper.

Wow! What a holy terror!

Hereabouts Pup has discovered electric cords. Most of them are off the floor (some time back I had an electrician install outlets at a height where I don't have to bend painfully down to plug in a cord, and I like to coil them up and hook them to a cuphook or nail on the back of the nearest piece of furniture), but she was thrilled to discover the heating pad. Yum!


Right now while Pup is so little, it's working to keep her confined in the same room where I happen to be, or, if I have to throw myself around, to put her in the X-pen or crate. Exactly how long that will keep working remains to be seen.

The leather-loving Ger-Shep got put on a leash and tied to the kitchen door. At the same time, I got a (rather pretty!) fold-out desk that would hold my laptop and parked the thing next to said door. This allowed me to sit near the dog all the time she was indoors and I was working; she got plenty of ball-chasing and doggy-walking exercise, but down time was 100% under supervision. Very. close. supervision.

Jeff is almost 2 and still an avid chewer.... but you learn tricks to keep the chewing to a minimum over time. Jeff does it for attention or when he's bored, so I can usually catch it before it gets bad. He'll jump up and grab my winter gloves/hat or a slipper and sit right in front of me with it in his mouth. I just learn to keep my house very tidy! For more serious items I've used a bitter apple spray. He used to like the wooden bed frame in my spare room- that stopped instantly with the spray :)

hahaha!    Yes I'm on my third pair of mitten and winter gloves so far.    I would make the mistake to leave them on the steps and 1min. later and they were already cut.    40$ a pair is not fun.    :)

But I think it was a way to tell me "Bring me outside".     Now he looks at the door knob or his leash when he wants to go.

LOL! I've never had a pup that was the slightest bit fazed by Bitter Apple. Matterofact, they seem to develop a taste for it. There's a brand called "Yuck!" And it is indeed don't want to get it on your hands. It helps a little.

That is funny about the gloves/hat/slippers...our corgi is OBSESSED with gloves and hats, he tries to grab them even when they are on us!


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