Gracie received her DHPP vaccine last night around 6pm.  By 7pm she was vomiting-- by 9.30 her face was so swollen you could barely see her eyes. She looked  like a sharpaie dog face. Was getting extremely worried at this point. Stayed up with her all night as she continued to vomit occasionally. Thinking this is a bad reaction to shot. She layed down about 4 and so did I and fell asleep. When i woke i immediately checked on her, her swelling in face looked like it had gone down quite a bit. At 7.30am called the vet explained what had taken place, she said to give some beneydral,so i did,she seemed ok. So i went to work which is only 5 min away in case something else took place. At 9am my daughter calls upset saying Gracies ears are all swollen very think and huge lumps and has diarrhea. So immediatley rushed home and off to the vet we went. They looked at her and said she need to stay--put her on iv fluids and somthing for the swelling.  Needless to say this is very upsetting--trying to protect your dog with the vaccine, but yet the vaccine is what was harmful to her. Hope she pulls thru, i have read now that dogs have died from this vaccine or later had complications.

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Lilly and I send corgi hugs and prayers your way!!!!
Oh my cripes....!  Fingers, paws, feathers and claws all crossed here for Gracie!  Please let us all know how things go. 
Poor little girl. On a good side though, now that the vet knows she has an allergic reaction to the vaccine she can take steps in the future to prevent the reaction from occurring. How many vaccines has Gracie had? If she has had adult vaccines already, she may be a pup you might want to consider doing titers for instead of vaccinating and only vaccinating when her titers get low. Parvo and distemper are both scary enough and deadly enough that you definitely don't want to skip vaccinating all together. Also the adjuvent used in vaccines is what causes the allergic reaction so maybe your vet can order from a different manufacturer or a vaccine that is formulated differently in the future to help prevent such a bad reaction. And like others have said, you can split the vaccine into separate parts so you can see exactly what component she is allergic to. I hope she feels better soon.
Hi Melissa, thanks for all the info. Gracie turned 1 year July 14. She has had all her puppy shots, and last year aug 2010 she had the dhpp vaccine with no effects. We talked about the titers, that might be the way to go. I'll have to look up vaccines without that adjuvent, Not familiar with that, but i will definitley research that.
I hope I didn't say this already but my vet told me they will never "react" to the 1st's after that.
no i didn't know that. i wish my vet would of mentioned about reactions, and to have beneydral on hand.

Did you also give her the Bordetella vaccine (for kennel cough) My Sebastian had a severe reaction to it! His nose and face started swelling when we were in the car. We did a U turn and they treated him immediately.. quite scary..needless to say he does not get that vaccine anymore.. when he gets his vaccines now I hang around the vet's office for a while after.. just to be safe..I will keep Gracie in my prayers. big hug..

Rocky had a nasty reaction to his shots  at 1 year. We are only going to vaccinate him for rabies, which is required by federal law, and do titers for the rest. It's just not worth the hassle. We have a letter from the Iowa State vet clinic that says he shouldn't be vaccinated. This has been accepted by grooming and boarding places that require vaccinations. He had a combo shot for rabies, distemper, and something else. We are going to start him on prednisone a week before the rabies shot and continue it for a week after. Talk to your vet about what to do next time and if you travel and get a letter about not vaccinating Gracie, carry the letter with you. He's almost 4 now and has been fine so hoping this rabies shot is OK. I think the vet might even be going to use the smallest possible dose on him.
Thanks Karen , i will check into that.
Oh I am so sorry to hear that... Hope Gracie feels better soon.
Oh, Rebecca, how awful! I'm definitely praying for her. The way I figure it is that God made the perfect environment and filled it with animals and gave it all to man, and since there are animals in heaven, I think our little friends must have an in with God. So I'll definitely lift little Gracie up tonight. Let us know how she does, okay?

Any news on how she's doing?


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