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My 8 yr. lab has not been responding to audile stimulation for some time we came to the conculsion that he must be having problems. He was taken to the vet to have a comprehensive exam with focus on his hearing today and upon pick up was given the diagnosis of deafness or serius impairment (just consider him deaf) He had a history of ear infections as a young adult but we got them under control and he has remained mostly free of them since the age of 2. The vet says there is scarring but it's not blocking his canals. The vet recomending seeing a neuroligist to see if he can resond to different tone levels however I not sure that would offer any solutions good enough to warrant the money that would be spent. So I'm looking for advice or interested in any experiences any of you may have had with mid life deafness in your pups. While this is dissapointing I'm sure we'll be able to train/support Cody in his disability for the rest of his life.

thanks christy


Oh and were prob. going to buy a vibration only collar so we can get his attention that way also.

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I had a friend with a deaf dog also a Lab. It doesn't bother her at all. They really don't let her off leash in large areas but otherwise she seems quite happy. She also was about that age when it occurred. I would not spend the extra to find out what he can hear if that helps any. I know in the house they stomp their feet to get her attention. Good luck,it is hard when they get older but the alternative is a lot worse.
Thanks Bev,
I really wasn't surprised by the confirmation the vet gave us but in my head I was thinking he's only 8!!! My Shuffles was dang near blind when he passed but that seemed like no big deal to me he knew the lay of the land and I could still give him audile input like if I said uh-oh he'd stop and I could move over and say come here and he'd change directions. But with Cody the knowledge that if he's not looking at us we have no way to communicate is kinda scary. I've been all over the Deaf Dogs website last night and this morning.
Sign language! Not kidding I have a girlfriend that adopted a deaf pup and she is using a few maybe 10? signs and it's working BUT as we all know pups do have a mind of their own but even just a few for out,in,back,stay,sit???Just some basics! Good luck!
Get in touch with serious retriever trainers. Duck hunters will train retrievers to whistles or hand signals (because the dog can't see where the duck is when it's in the water). They might be able to give you some tips.
i am sorry to hear that :( i personaly want to be prepared for anything. so along with kirby's vocal cammands i taght him hand signals too


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