ANOTHER update on Bogart's diagnosis of shoulder and elbow dysplasia


Thanks for suggesting that we submit the x-rays to the OFA. VERY interesting results. We only received a preliminary evaluation regarding the elbows and hips, because Bogart is not 2 years old yet (a requirement). For the shoulder, they did send an official determination.  Here's what we were told by OFA:

Mild hip dysplasia

NO sign of elbow dysplasia

NO shoulder dysplasia

So three different vets in my area have looked at these x-rays and come to the conclusion that there was dysplasia in shoulders and elbows but NOT the hips.

;-)  I'm hoping OFA can be trusted to give the most accurate determination - in any case we are a lot happier than we were a month ago.  Since the first diagnosis we have had 4 acupuncture treatments, one chiropractic adjustment, joint supplements and holistic pain meds, increased fish oil, changed diet from "hot" proteins to "cold" proteins (still Orijen, just different mix). That had nothing to do with the joints but the vet who did the acupuncture treatments told me some dogs run "hot" and some "cool" - and Bogart shows he is running "hot" in her opinion.  If you google the hot vs. cold proteins you will find some interesting information.


earlier follow-up post:

Went to see another vet today, that our primary vet referred us to. Dr. Wansky does both traditional and holistic treatments, and is very experienced with acupuncture.

She really took the time to answer many questions an talk me through different courses of action. She seemed to think we should consider surgery because Bogart is still so young. Anyone out "there" whose Corgi has undergone surgery for dysplasia? I'd like to know more.

She gave Bogart his first acupuncture treatment. He was very calm throughout and even seemed to doze off for a bit. We are going to do 3 more - one a week, and see how it makes him feel. She recommended increasing the amount of fish oil, up to 50 mg per pound of body weight - and favors salmon oil which is particularly good for joints. She prescribed a herbal pain treatment 3 times per day which will take the place of Rimadyl.

We also talked about exercise, it will be important to keep his muscle tone good, and besides swimming, walking is the best option... So we will do some shorter hikes starting this weekend.

She said she could tell by the darker shade of pink of his tongue, that he has some chronic pain. It should be a lighter shade of pink when there is no pain... Had not heard that before.

I submitted my first claim to VPI, we will see what they cover - at least the x-rays and exam from last week. It will be interesting.

The vet said AKC should be notified. My regular vet is submitting x-rays to OFA this week. They will evaluate only the shoulders because your dog has to be 2 years old for them to review the knee dysplasia, apparently.

Original post January 3, 2014

Bogart had x-ray's today that were reviewed by his vet and another surgeon. He isn't even two years old so it sure is a blow to think that he will be saddled with this for the rest of his life. The vet suggested laser therapy and has also put him on Dasuquin. Anyone tried laser therapy? Also considering acupuncture. Our vet thinks it would be worth trying methods to help the condition besides pain medication such as Rimadyl.

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Have you read this page?

It seems to be describing what your vet is calling "shoulder and knee dysplasia." Very informative.

Thank you Vicky! You are right, very informative!

Max had 8 weekly acupuncture treatments before we all felt he was back to as normal as he was going to be which was better than he had been for a long time before it became acute and we knew something was wrong not just age.  We had to make changes..elevate is dishes (yes they make elevated dishes for stumpy dogs), using a harness for walks and to curtail his trips on the stairs.  DH built a ramp for him to go outside and he, mostly, only comes upstairs at bedtime.  He went 11 months after the first series of treatments and then had 4 and then it was 16 months when he just needed 1 treatment about 6 weeks ago.  What I like with acupuncture is that it's something than can be done whenever needed with no worries about side effects.  He also takes an herbal remedy twice daily mixed with is food.

In my experience with acupuncture for both Max and myself you won't see it immediately.  For me I see it by the next day and more so on the 2nd day, same with Max.  I feel it has a cumulative effect...I think when he first started treatments it was probably his 4 or 5th treatment where, to me, it was noticeable in the way he acted.  This last "tune up" the vet told me to see how he was in a couple of days and call if I felt he needed another.  He didn't, he was back to his normal crazy self.

I wish you the best with the holistic treatments, best to try the least invasive stuff first.


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