Do you ever feel like your dog is wasted as a pet?

I know, it seems a strange question.

Maddie is a fabulous pet.  She's happy, loves to go for walks or play yet is content to hang out quietly on the couch, is affectionate and loves cuddles, is easy enough to train and well-behaved.  

Jack is... Jack.   So often, watching him lying on the rug looking bored waiting for something to happen, I feel guilty.  Jack would have been a fabulous service dog, a great farm dog, probably even a SAR dog.  

He learns things ridiculously fast.  He's too smart to just be a pet.  He makes up complicated games, with rules and everything.  He gives himself jobs.  He reports if other pets break house rules, he breaks up squabbles, he lets me know if I left a light on at bedtime or something is out of place (since the house is fairly messy, I'm not sure what differentiates "out of place" in his mind but I will hear him giving his "hey, check this out!" bark and find something left on a counter or table that's not meant to be there, or the wrong animal in the wrong crate, or something else out of wack).   He keeps schedules in his head.   He jumps and barks if someone shouts, he comes running if you say "ouch" (even in a normal voice).    I had a terrifying incident last year where I choked on a vitamin pill (long story, ambulance involved) and after that when I had to gargle with some medication for something unrelated, he'd come running and bark at me whenever I'd gargle.   He's not fear-barking, though: as soon as you say "Thank you Jack, it's ok" he settles down.  

He likes making decisions.  Sometimes when we are on a walk, I'll start to go in one direction and he'll freeze.  If I turn and look at him, he'll point his head the direction HE wants to go.  Most of the time I don't give in and go my way.  But sometimes (and I know from a training viewpoint this is bad, but I do like to let him make some decisions) I go his way and he literally starts to run with joy when we take his route.  It's not always the same route though; sometimes he favors one way, sometimes another.  I swear when we leave the house he's thinking "I really hope we take x path today" and has a goal in mind.  

I don't think he's an unusual Corgi.  I think lots of Corgis do this sort of thing.  I wanted a smart dog, but now I have one I feel sort of guilty.  I do a lot with him.  We do agility, he gets interesting walks every day, we play games.  But I just think he'd be a happier, more fulfilled dog if he had a real job other than the minor ones he has assigned to himself.  A farm to guard, or a person to take care of.  He would have self-trained to alert for medical conditions, for example.  

Anyone else feel this way about their dog?

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Seems to me like he's "taking care" of you and his household.  Not to be underestimated, as the saying goes, it's a big job, but somebody's gotta do it. :-)

Potus, who I think I've mentioned before, looks like Jack, does the whole 'I want to go this way' thing. Sometimes I give in, though a lot of the time I break him out of it by jogging in the direction I want to go, but for my friend who walks him when we're away for the day she just follows his route. He will literally lie down and pull in the direction he wants to go.

I'm not sure if Potus would like a job, rather he seems to be the type that has the potential to have some great career but is just too lazy, or likes being unemployed :P He's a nap all day quite happily dog.

I think Kadi would have made a really great 'working' corgi. She came from a farm where they had goats and has so much natural herding instinct it's scary sometimes. When we first brought her home she was ready to help with chores around our farm and put herself to work guarding the poultry. (She was 8 weeks old at the time.) Then Brodie showed up, totally willing to jump in and help, but he's just too enthusiastic about our ducks!. So, suddenly Kadi wasn't allowed to help with chores anymore because of Brodie. She has never once acted miffed about it or like she feels cheated. It's as if she understands that we can handle that without her and now it's her job to take care of Brodie. She (the hyperactive puppy, still at almost a year old) has the most calming effect on him! Yes, they FRAP and have a grand time together, but she gives him a security that no one else can. He's a bit like Jack in that he assigns himself jobs all the time and gets rather creative in what they might be. I think he would make a great therapy dog, but I don't have the time to put into doing that with him.

So, yes,  I do sometimes think they could have better 'jobs', but I don't think they could have a better home. They are both always happy (except when we are leaving them home without us) and make our lives so complete. I think ultimately that is the goal of any dog, not just corgis--they want to be the icing on the cake to their masters' lives. Corgis, IMO, are the best icing out there!

Livvy would be the happiest(I think) with a herd of her own cattle:) She does get to herd 2 goats on a daily basis but that's not quite like  about 10-20 cattle. She lives to herd and play ball so we keep her busy with what we have. The flip side to this is that she also wants to BEVERYCLOSE to us.  Livvy also just visited a nursing home and got to play ball there....I think I have to take her more often.

The rest of mine, I believe are fairly happy, Sage loves people and has plenty with Therapy Dog, grandchildren and more but Bella might be happier with a few less Corgis. They often get to go to work or travel with me which they love!


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