Thought it might be fun to see if you could guess how many Corgis are in the picture. If you know my dogs well then tell me which dog is missing?

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I count 12 (or pieces of 12!).   Not sure who is missing.  The gal who reminds me of my Jack is half-asleep on the rug in the top of the frame.
If your talking about the one by the patio doors that is Bruiser "CH WENDT WORTH BEYOND BOUNDARIES LARK"

Well I'll be!  It was his dam, Sian, that I originally thought looked like Jack.  As I recall I did some pedigree digging and found that both had Corg'rd Crystal Legacy on the bottom and Belroyd on the top, so even though they aren't closely related to each other they have similar lines in their pedigrees.  


Congratulations on finishing him so soon!  

Many of my dogs have the Corg'rd Crystal Legacy breeding...Bruiser is awesome! I adore that boy...he is a big moosh....Sian is behind Tilby who is sitting.
this picture is so hilarious!  I'm not sure how many corgis are there, but they are look very comfy and happy!!!!!
I need to show this to my husband, he keeps telling me we have too many.  And we only have three corgis and an aussie.   I want a tri and maybe another sable to add to my collection. 
Wendy I am always amazed at how clean your house looks! I won't say cause I already saw this one on FB.
Thank you Bev!!! Hahaha
I counted 12 also...don't have a clue for who's missing. I also will show my husband the pic so he knows there are people with more than us. We just added another rescue last night...
Your just not as crazy as I or you have more control over yourself then I!!!
I spit my coffee laughing at your comment!  I hadn't even noticed, I was so busy counting!
They are what I refer to as Bitches Britches!


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