Do you prefr your Corgi with or without a tail ?

I've been lucky enough to be owned by two lovely corgis, the first one had her tail docked and my second has a complete tail. I've noticed with the dog with her tail that it's easier to tell her mood and reactions and she seems to be more balanced when climbing over obstacles.

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I prefer the tail. I wish they would make docking optional in the standard as I'd like to get another pem some day, but I'd really prefer not to get another docked dog. I doubt it will happen any time soon though.
Natural full length tail or natural bob tail
Totally agree!
I like the look of bunny butts, but I also LOVE the white-tipped tail.  >w<  I really want my next Corgi to be tailed, but that probably is not going to happen.
I agree with Rachael.  I love the bunny-butts, but would really love to find a pembroke with a tail next time.  One with a natural nub would be nice, too!
Although I think trimmed and wired ears on other breeds is mean and useless I do like the docked Pembroke I am sure it had a place in history but I just like the look:)
I prefer a well docked behind or a neat natural bob. Since docking is illegal in Australia now I just go with the flow (even though I think it is a stupid law) although I must say my poor fluffy gets a lot of hassle from his tail. It is forever being stepped on by humans, other dogs and even himself and has narrowly escaped being caught in doors many times. Poor baby cries when it gets stepped on and I hate seeing his beautiful long strands of hair being pulled out but there's no way to stop it. He's going to play with dogs and it's going to get stepped on. I always wish he had been born with a bob.

I have one girl with a docked tail, one girl with a nice short natural bob and one boy with a longer bob. I can easily read their moods and reactions, dogs communicate using much more than just their tails. None of them have issues with balance and they are very agile (even the 11yr old!).
I am with Mim.

Love a tail.  Want a tail.  Covet a tail.

The bunny butts are cute, but I feel I miss subtleties in mood.  I also think that other people would understand much better if they say Maddie's tail play-wagging furiously when she barks and nips at big dogs (the dogs never mind, just the people);  I can watch the muscles twitch and know when she's wagging but people with tailed dogs miss it.


I grew up with dogs with tails and docked dogs, and docked can be nice.  Til I got a Corgi with NO tail, though, I never realized how much I relied on watching tails to learn my dogs' mood.


Dont hold you like the tails or not?????

I am so used to no tail I would not know what to do with one. Hope its not too painful when they lose it. 

i love the docked tail. teddy has more of a nub than i have seen with most corgis, which is nice so i can tell his mood very easily. my husband really wants the next corgi we get to have a tail but i just love the bunny butt look to much;) not to say i dont like the tail as they are pretty with it being fanned over the back with the white tip but the boobed tail is to cute

To "Wag more, bark less", you need a tail.

I don't think we should dock a tail just because we like the look.  Fashion does not justify such an invasive procedure.  There is a significant cost to the dog in balance and body language (Al has a problem with lunging/snapping sudenly at larger dogs; sometimes I think he doesn't know how to say "Back off!", and maybe a tail would help him signal his mood/intent).  A tail keeps the nose warm on cold nights.

I wanted an undocked dog from the start; we tried but gave up.

I would not like to see this legally mandated; I'd like to see it voluntarily abandoned.

If we had longer tails ourselves, we might find many uses for them.


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