when i was walking Lobo. he was sniffing around and all the sudden he ate a piece of poop, yack..... i tried to get the most out of his mouth but he swallowed a bit of it and made me soooo worry. TT' is he gonna be hurt from this. is it normal for dogs to do this things? Lobo is just 3 months old and this is my first time dealing with this kind of situation.

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Wynstan has a nose a for kitty treats, like a homing beacon or something. For some reason, the neighborhood outdoor cats think my garden is a giant litterbox.
My dog has eaten cat poo. We were worried at first too but our vet says its normal. A lot of dogs do it, and a lot of Corgis here on MyCorgi.com do it too.
They just don't find this disgusting. Instinctively it is how the mom keeps the puppy nest clean. If it is dog or cat poop I would give a firm no and remove him from the area. I gave up on deer and bunny poop in my yard and dread the fox poop because they roll in it!! Now that is really yucky!
Don't worry!
When Shiro was his age there was no better dessert for him than goose poop. Ew.
We had a lot of geese around the pond this summer and I literallly had to run with him by the most polluted places so he didn't have time to grab it and eat it! Even now he still tries to grab soem poop sometimes.
You jst have to teach him "leave it" and watch for poop when you walk. Try not to let him see it or even go near it. I don't know how dangerous it is, but if your puppy start to vomit or have non stop diarrhea, take him to a vet.
I explained to Sami that "Just because a kitty buries it does not mean it is hidden treasure." LOL I heard somewhere that cat poo is high in protien and that is why some dogs go for it. Sami has uncovered some in the back yard from the strays around but as of yet hasn't eaten it. Heck she doesn't even like to walk by her own messes. Good luck with it.
Madoc adores deer poop with cat coming a close second. He's a genius for finding it stealthily and grabbing it before I have a chance to pull him away. Takes me by surprise every time.
Duh. Welcome to corgis. How can such endearing animals have such revolting habits? We have a baby gate across the catbox cubicle, to keep the dogs away from the candy. We pick up the turds in the yard before they get eaten. We don't spill compost, either. Experienced corgi owners here may be able to help you teach the basic etiquette of licking your human on the face (first, make sure there are no cat litter crumbs in your whiskers).
This is normal behavior. Coprophagy (polite biologese for, "eating sh*t") is widespread in the animal kingdom and often provides nutritional value. It also provides the oral-fecal route for parasites, but face it, you're not going to stop it.

One of the biography/histories of the Amundsen/Scott expeditions to the South Pole recounted the leaders' contrasting reactions to the discovery that the sled dogs were snacking out of the latrines in their overwintering camp. Amundsen, the practical professional explorer, and his men simply dug doggie tunnels into the latrines; voila! sanitation problem solved. Scott, the stiff Englishman, shot the valuable dogs in disgust.

Al's 2nd birthday cake

Kalvin EATS CAT LITTER LIKE IT IS HIS FAVORITE THING IN THE WORLD! It is so gross and I don't seem to know why he does this either! I would just tell him NO Kalvin when i see him even getting close to it and he looks at me with innocent eyes of "Oh mom I was just walking over here doing nothing at all!" LOL. He is a goof ball. But my worst experience ever was Kalvin and i were going on a walk and he walks off leash very well so I let him go off on his own for a bit in of course a safe part of town with no cars and it was the cutest ever he ran to the grass like he was a free man he was so happy he started to roll around in the grass and I was laughing and we were both having a great time, so our walk is over and I call him back over and he runs to me so happy and like a stink bomb KALVIN SMELLS LIKE CAT POOP! When he was rolling in the grass in what I thought was the cutest moment he was rolling himself in CAT POOP! I was so mad and we walked all the way back home STINKING! Lol.
yep, kitty treats and other dogs poop.. not her own? oh.. and don't forget the horse poop, she loves those :-)
yep--- My oldest only likes it frozen --poopsicles we call them. So for her, we only have an issue inthe winter months.
the youngest is poop roller and loves the bunny, fox, coyote, and raccoon poop. Doesn't really seem to care for dog poop.
The middle child however will eat any kind of poop he can, once even tried to run away with my nephews diaper!!! we always know by his breath, the sulking and running straight o his crate when his "commited" the crime. Actually quite funny, as he punishes himself as he just couldn't help himself. ....yep, it's corgi thing-- gross, but you do the best you just not to get kisses afterwards!!!
Unfortunately, there is a parasite that can be picked up in the bunny poop. Corgis do not react well to this. Rather messy. Don't ask how I know. Just know that we now clean up after the dogs AND the bunnies in the back yard. Once the snow is gone, I'm not sure how we'll be able to find it.
Yeah, and in bird poop too. Sparty has been treated a couple times for it until I got smart enough to move the bird feeders to the side of the house where the dogs can not get to it!


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